Chapter XV: A Tower To Truth is the fifteenth chapter of Bayonetta. Nearing the end of her journey, Bayonetta scales the impossibly high Ithavoll Building, pitting herself against almost every angel in the game to find Cereza again then get to the next section.

Ithavoll Building

Verse 1

Directly in front of you are statues of Fearless. Verse 1 ends after you attack and defeat the statues. When you attack them they will break out of the stone and try to kill you. Defeat them.

If you don't attack the statues and continue to the stairs you will effectively 'skip' this Verse (your score will go down in the end).

Verse 2

Take a left where the Fearless statues were and head up the stairs. At the top you will come across a group of Dear & Decorations. Once they are defeated a pair of Flaming Ardor will appear; if you have Durga Fire equipped to your hands and feet you will be immune to the flames and thus can attack them without using Witch Time.

Verse 3

After defeating Ardor proceed up the stairs. There will be a doorway on the right side between a pair of Grace & Glory statues. Go through the door to face Braves. Initially it'll be just one Brave then the other two will appear shortly afterwards. They will immediately try to reform to make Beloved so quickly take out at least one in order to stop the transformation.

Verse 4

After kill the Braves then run out the door and up the stairs. Here you will see another set of statues near the door. These statues are of Gracious & Glorious. Verse 4 is the fight with the angels,
if you don't attack the statues and continue you will effectively 'skip' this Verse (your score will go down in the end).

If you do attack them then be prepared. These angels are widely regarded as the most difficult and powerful enemies in the game. Recommended weapons are Durga Lightning, Shuraba, Odette, and Sai Fung. Recommended item is the Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa because you cannot use Witch Time with the angel's attacks but if you use this items Counter ability then Witch Time will activate as normal..

Durga is fast enough to let you stay mobile in the fight, the Charge Modifier is strong enough stun them both if they are close together so if you stun them you have some breathing room. Shuraba is the jack of all trades, it has speed, range and powerful Wicked Weaves. Odette will simply make you more mobile in the battlefield (and if you are dealing with multiple enemies it can possibly freeze them). Sai Fung has the best stagger rate plus it is the fastest weapon in the game with the most damaging Wicked Weaves; this is the best choice against pretty much every enemy.

Gracious and Glorious are essentially the same as Grace and Glory, but are much tougher. They deal more damage and can take more of it, and are slightly faster. Be warned that their attacks cannot be used to activate Witch Time normally, regardless of difficulty, making them a much more challenging enemy to face. The Torture Attack does only around half of the damage than that for Grace & Glory so you will need to take a lot of damage from them if you want to kill the with it.

Verse 5

Whether or not you attack Gracious & Glorius you will need to proceed through the door. Inside is a pair of Joy.

Verse 6

After you defeat the pair of Joy proceed through the door then head right up the stairs. At the top you will be facing a group of Enchants in the floor. After you defeat them you'll face Grace &

Verse 7

Run up the stairs. Here you will want use Panther Within to run because another clone of Temperantia will appear. Temperance will be punching the walls. After a few hits he'll become stuck and you can proceed. As you do you'll come across a group of Affinity.

Temperance Fight

Verse 8

Run up the stairs and onto the next level. Keep going until Temperance breaks down the wall. Now he means business. You must go through the broken wall and hop onto one of the two Anti-Air Cannons. Here you will need to shoot Temperance but be careful he will shoot missiles at you. These missiles can be destroyed with shots from the cannons. When you do try to activate Witch Time, go to the other cannon then start shooting at him while you have the slowed time effect. Occasionally he will shoot red bullets but they tend to not head in your direction.

Keep dodging the missiles and attacking him. Once most of his green health bar is down he will use the forehead laser. To avoid this go back inside the building and stand behind the remains of the wall. After its over get back outside and use the cannon again.

After about half his health is gone he will come close and punch one of the cannons. You can counter it. If you don't then the cannon will be destroyed. After his health is about 1/4 remaining Temperance will fire one more laser.

Afterwards it'll be back to just missiles. Once defeated, you can proceed.

Ithavoll Building

Verse 9

Alfheim serves as this Verse.

Clone Battle - Justice

Verse 10

After defeating Temperance proceed past where the angelic border was and into the hole in the wall on the left. You'll soon be outside. You'll see a brief cutscene then go through a Quick Time Event. Afterwards you will now need to walk up the wall. As you go up the glass will break and elevators will fall, dodge the elevators by staying in the very center.

After you dodge the pair of elevators Justice will appear. Justice will try to use the tentacles to hit you by either slamming them on you or trying to do a sweep attack. Dodge these. If you can
then try to stay close to the child face or go into Witch Time to do extra damage. Justice will even use the child face to hit you, it'll rear back then lunge forward. When it does, dodge to activate Witch Time and do as much damage as possible.

Constantly use your guns. They do decent chip damage plus you don't have to get too close to the child face. If you do then it will thrash around trying to hit you.

After most of the health bar is gone the child face will fall thus allowing you to jump on it. Do so. When you do you'll do what you did to Iustitia, run along the tentacle (avoiding the spinning blades and other tentacles) to reach the face and cut the tentacle off.

Ithavoll Building

Verse 11

After you defeat Justice proceed up the wall towards the glow. Jump down the hole. Exit that room and now you'll be in a larger room with a giant statue in the center. Run to the end of your platform, at the edge you can go into the Gates of Hell if you need supplies or something. At the end of the platform you'll need to turn right into a room of floating platforms. Here you will need to hop up the platforms to get the top.

To finish Verse 11 you'll need to head left until you come across a hole. Jump down and you'll face a group of flaming Affinities. Defeat them to finish the verse.

Verse 12

If you attacked the Affinities then jump out and you'll be back on top again. Follow the circle until you come to a large ornate circle surrounded by gold. Witch Walk up the golden strip then activate the mechanism. Spin it to the correct direction and you'll see a brief cutscene.

Hop across the small squares before they disappear and land on some large ones. Once here you'll face a pair of Flaming Affinity. Defeat them and reach the other side. Hop the smaller squares.

Verse 13

Run across the squares and large strips until you come to a small walkway that has two doors. Here you will be fighting Golem. Remember that Golem can take many forms of your own
Demons. Golem will start as a child of the spider, then the bird, then turn into the pair of hands followed by the centipede. Attack the core of each, your best bet is the pair of hands. Dodge the punch and attack the core. Second best is the centipede and spider; dodge the centipede as it runs in a cirlce to activate Witch Time for more damage and for the spider dodge its fireball or slam attack then hit the core in the front.

For the Climax you'll summon Hekatoncheir to play volleyball again. Once Golem is defeated you may proceed.

Clone Fight - Prudence

Verse 14

Go through the door that had the angelic border. Once here you will need to Witch Walk up the wall. After you start going up you'll come across Prudence, the clone of Sapientia. Prudence does similar attacks as Sapientia did. He will try to hit you with his hand and try to bite you. Dodge these attacks and do as much damage as possible.

After he is defeated you will see a brief cutscene but can now proceed. Flames will begin to crawl up towards you quickly. You must use Panther Within to stay ahead of it. You'll crash through glass to be safe. You'll be standing on a sphere being held there by four ropes. Cut these. After a brief cutscene you will travel along a golden path into a portal.

This portal ends the Chapter.


Antonio's Notes Locations:

  1. Verse 9-10: After you defeat Temperance as you proceed to the next area the book will in the hall. (Island In The Sun - Isla Del Sol)
  2. Verse 11: Before you jump down the hole the book will be right before it. (Ithavoll CEO - I)
  3. Verse 12-13: As you run up the squares you'll come to a large strip of the big squares. To the left of the platform with the two doors is another platform. The book and a chest is on that platform. (Ithavoll CEO - II)
  4. Received after you have collected every one of Antonio's Notes. (To My Beloved Son)
  • To My Beloved Son is the last of Antonio's Notes. It'll be received if you pick up the last note no matter what level it is on.

Arcade Bullet Locations:

  1. N/A
  • If you replay the level then bullets will replace any Hearts or Pearls you had found previously.

Chest Locations:

  1. Verse 1: Immediately head right of the statues. You will need to use Panther Within to run and jump the gap. Once on the platform follow the railing until you see the chest.
  2. Verse 11: The chest is the room where you needed to jump up some floating platforms. Look to your right, the chest is in the back on the right side.
  3. Verse 11: The chest is the room where you jumped down into the hole and faced the flaming Affinities. Its at a back wall opposite of the floating platforms. (Inside is a Red Hot Shot)
  4. Verse 12-13: As you run up the squares you'll come to a large strip of the big squares. To the left of the platform with the two doors is another platform. The chest is one that one.
  5. Verse 12-13: From the location above you will see two floating platforms. Cross them onto a third slightly larger platform. The chest is there.

Broken Moon Pearl Locations:

  1. Verse 12-13: As you run up the squares you'll come to a large strip of the big squares. To the left of the platform with the two doors is another platform. A chest is on that one, break it to get the Pearl Piece.

Broken Witch Heart Locations:

  1. Verse 1: Immediately head right of the statues. You will need to use Panther Within to run and jump the gap. Once on the platform follow the railing until you see a chest. Break it to get the Heart piece.
  2. Verse 11: A chest is the room where you needed to jump up some floating platforms, when you enter the room turn right, its in the far back. Break the chest to get the Heart Piece.
  3. Verse 12-13: Start from the location of the first chest in this verse. If you look ahead you'll see a set of floating platforms, cross them to the third platform and break open the chest to get the Heart Piece.

Golden LP Locations:

  1. N/A

Umbran Tears Of Blood Locations:


  1. Verse 1: Head immediately to the right of the Fearless statues and use Panther Within to cross the gap. Keep going until you can't move any farther. Go to the left hand corner of the platform, the crow is directly above you so double jump and wall climb to reach it.
  2. Verse 11: After you jump out of the hole, go to the hole behind you. The crow will be to the left of the floating platforms against the wall.


  1. Verse 8: In the dark room where you have to destroy a fence to get to the Lift room. The crow is in a cage in the corner of the dark room.
  2. Verse 13: After you have defeated Golem then jump onto the squares and head right. You'll soon come across a platform. The crow is in a cage on the platform.

Infinite Climax

  1. Verse 11: In the little room with the floating platforms, the crow will be on the left handwall and the right hand corner in a cage.


  1. Verse 9: After you have defeated Temperance you need to backtrack all the way back to the beginning. The portal will be located on the platform that the first chest is on. (Reward: Broken Witch Heart)


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