Chapter X: Paradiso - A Sea of Stars is the tenth chapter of Bayonetta. In this chapter, Bayonetta progresses deeper into the heart of Paradiso, coming face to face with new and dangerous angels.

Paradiso - Sea of Stars

Verse 1

You start off with a cutscene, once its finished you will face a trio of Joy. Recommended weapons (if you have collected all the LPs so far) is Odette and Onyx Roses, or Sai Fung (if you
have completed 100 chapters). Use Odette and Onyx Roses' Charge Modifier in order to freeze and stun lock Joy. This combo can make it easier to land large
numbers of attacks as well as provide you with more speed to cross the battlefield (Panther Within is also quite useful, Bat Within will keep you from taking damage).

Verse 2

After you have defeated the trio jump down the hole. When you land you will be in a plaze with a group of Affinity (Harmony on Hard).  After you defeat them you must find the other cogs to make the floor's mechanism work. For this you will need to travel down the paths connected to the plaza, defeat any angels there, then wail on the wall (the strange metal wall you had encountered previously are actually a type of Golem, hence why they break and reform).

Once you have broken down the Golem doors they will reform as cogs in the center. After a few cogs are in place you will be attacked by Grace & Glory (Gracious & Glorious on Hard). Odette and Onyx Roses are once more recommended. After you have defeated them you will need to return to the mechanism and use it. This will rotate the entire platform allowing you access to a new area.

Verse 3

Alfheim serves as Verse 3.

Verse 4

Run up the new path. Soon you will reach a large gap. Use Beast Within to cross it (either double jump using the Panther or fly using the Crow). Once you are across you will go down some stairs then meet a trio of Harmony (there are 5 on Hard). If you use the Torture Attack you will gain access to the chainsaw, you pick it up like any weapon on the ground; it too has a limited number of uses.

Verse 5

After Harmony is dead you can continue onwards. Once you enter the area you will be greeted by a miniature green Fortitudo known as Courage. Courage does not follow the same attack pattern as Fortitudo. Instead it will attack head on. Courage will stomp and breath fire when you are close by, it will not fly. You need to attack the glowing orb on the body.

After you have defeated Courage a clone of Temperantia will appear. This one is known as Temperance. Temperance follows what Temperantia did, stayed at a distance to attack. The attacks are punches, bullets and lasers. Use your guns to do chip damage
then when the punch comes in, dodge it to activate Witch Time and attack it as quickly as possible. After a good chunk of health is gone Temperance will fall onto the platform, attack the orb on the forehead. After a few seconds it'll get up and start attacking again.

Now one of Temperance's attacks is a sort of body slam against the platform then shoots bolts out of the eyes; when this happens attack the forehead for more damage. The usual cycle of attacks will continue until you take off a decent chunk of health; this will cause Temperance to fall onto the platform for a few seconds leaving the orb open for attack.

Lt. Col. Kilgore and Shuraba makes a good combo. Kilgore for powerful long ranged attacks and Shuraba for quick but decent attacks up close. Pulley's Butterfly is useful in this section, if you summon the butterflies before the laser you can save yourself from being hit.

Verse 6

After you defeat Temperance you need to head towards the building. Once you get close a large tentacle will hit it causing it to spin. You must get inside by waiting for the entrance to be hear you then jump into the building. Once inside you will face a group of Enchants (5 on Hard).

Verse 7

After you have defeated Enchant you will need to go to the wall at the opposite end of the area you came in from. Break down the wall and you'll still be spinning but now you're outside. There is a circular platform you will need to jump to. When you see it then jump down. When you land you will come face to face with a trio of Kinship.

Dodge their homing missiles and attack the orb on the deck of the ship. You will still need to avoid the fire support from the other Kinships. Be careful, between the homing missles and claws, the ships have another weapon. A laser that fires from the face on the bow. Its easy to evade but can do a lot of damage if you aren't paying attention.

Verse 8

After you have defeated Kinship the path will open up. Hop across the golden platforms into and open area and a hallway filled with tentacles. By the door is a statue of Fearless/Fairness, you
can destory these for halos. Once you are in the hallway you will need to dodge your way through the tentacles and to the other side where you will see more statues. You can destroy this one as well.

As you go down stairs and a golden set of Grace & Glory known as Gracious and Glorious will break out of their statues to fight you. The combo of Onyx Roses and Odette is recommended. This fight can be rather difficult because you will now be in close quarters with the pair and you cannot use Witch Time (unless you counter with the Moon of Mahaa-Kahlaa or possess Selene's Light) so if you choose you could wear Evil Harvest Rosary so that it does damage in place of the lost Witch Time. If you have/use Rodin then your best attack is to use the spinning claws (or you can just pick the claws up after you have defeated one).

Verse 9

Alfheim serves as Verse 9.

Verse 10 (Optional)

As you arrive at the Gates of Hell portal smash the wall in front of it, this will open the way to a circular platform. Use Panther Within to make the jump to it, on this platform is a another set of Gracious and Glorious, use the tactics from Verse 8 but take note that you have a lot more breathing room before and during the fight. The last treasure chest is also on the platform after the fight is over. Jump back to the main hallway after you are done.

Verse 11

Take a left at the Gates of Hell and jump down. Here you will see an Umbran Witch/Lumen Sage statue set. Behind you will be a pair of golden Beloveds (you will fight another pair on Hard).
Since you are fighting two at once you will need to focus on one specifically then go for the other. After one is defeated another will spawn. After the trio has been taken care of you will also see a pair of golden Inspired.

A trick to use here, is to remain in the water after you have defeated Beloved. When you knock Inspired out of the sky and once it gets back up it will float on the water's surface, its attacks cannot hit you but you can hit it if you shoot it; if you use your guns and target it then you will damage it. Defeat one then activate the statues to get a Witch Time, use it against the Inspired. After you defeat three of them the Verse will end. Just jump to the platform where the angelic border was.


Antonio's Notes Locations:

  1. N/A

Arcade Bullet Locations:

  1. Verse 2: Located in the chest on the archway.
  2. Verse 8: Destroy the statue that is lying down (just before the statues of Gracious & Glorious)
  3. Verse 10: There is rock just below the platform where the other Gracious & Glorious pair are found. Just drop down the gap you had to jump over. The bullet is there.
  • If you replay the level then bullets will replace any Hearts of Pearls you had found previously.

Chest Locations:

  1. Verse 2: After you activate the mechanism the chest is located on an archway in the direction of the path you need to take. Double jump and wall climb to reach it.
  2. Verse 3: Before you leave the mechanism activate it again and spin left. You will eventually land on a circular platform. The chest is in the center.
  3. Verse 8: Located on a golden symbol behind the trio of Kinships.
  4. Verse 8: Located to the right of the chest mentioned above, you will need to use Panther Within to run and double jump then use Crow Form to fly the rest of the way.
  5. Verse 10: Go back to the area with the Gates of Hell. The wall right infront of it is breakable (this wall is directly infront of you as you run down the hallway). If you smash it you will see a platform. Use Panther Within to run and jump to it.

Broken Moon Pearl Locations:

  1. Verse 3: After you have defeated the enemies of Verse 2 you will need to activate the mechanism again and spin left until you come to a platform. On this platform is a chest and Alfheim, break the chest to get the Pearl piece.
  2. Verse 8: Located behind the trio of defeated Kinships on a golen platform is a chest. Break it to get the Pearl piece.

Broken Witch Heart Locations:

  1. Verse 3: Reward for completing the Alfheim level.
  2. Verse 8: After defeating the Verse 7 Kinships there will be a platform behind the third one, turn right and there will be another golden symbol platform, you will need to use Panther Within to run and double jump then use Crow Form to fly the rest of the way. There is a chest, break it to get the Heart piece.
  3. Verse 10: Reward for completing the Alfheim level.
  4. Verse 11: Go back to the area with the Gates of Hell. The wall right infront of it is breakable. If you smash it you will see a platform. Use Panther Within to run and jump to it, then break open the chest for the Heart piece.

Golden LP Locations:

  1. N/A

Umbran Tears of Blood Locations:


  1. Verse 4: The crow will be on the left rail of the descending stairs.
  2. Verse 8: The crow is on the right hand rail near the end of the bridge (past the smashing tentacles).


  1. Verse 5: In the area where you fight Courage the crow will be on the left side near the stairs in the grass.
  2. Verse 11: Here you will be on the platform with the 2 statues. You will need to activate them and achieve Witch Time. The Crow will be across the water on the stone path. (You will be going in the direction that has the Witch statue directly to your left and the Sage statue on your right, the crow is directly across from you).

Infinite Climax

  1. Verse 2-3: The crow will be at the edge of the floor mechanism.
  2. Verse 10: After defeating the angels the crow will be at the edge of the circle (to the left of the chest).


  1. Verse 3: After you defeat the enemies of Verse 2 use the mechanism again and spin your platform left. You will eventually land on a small circular platform. The portal is on the platform. (Reward: Broken Witch Heart)
  2. Verse 9-10: After you get to the area with the floor spikes, run past them to the Gates of Hell then back track all the way back to the beginning (past the smashing tentacles), the portal will be in the center. (Reward: Broken Witch Heart)

Video Walkthrough


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Hard/Infinite Climax:



Video (all items can be found on any difficulty, only exception is the Umbran Tears of Blood)

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