Chapter III: The Burning Ground is the Third Chapter in Bayonetta. In this chapter, Fortitudo ignites the town of Vigrid in a cataclysm of fire and lava, leaving Bayonetta to carefully navigate her way to the coliseum above the town.

Vigrid Town Area

Verse 1


You'll start off with a cutscene. Once its over you'll be in a small area with lots of lava and fire around, this will hurt you if you walk across it. Run forward. You'll be put into a fight against a few Affinities (Harmony on Hard/Infinite Climax), these angels are also on fire and can set you ablaze if you get too close. To beat these guys you will need to activate Witch Time by dodging an attack. Once in Witch Time the flames cannot harm you so try to do as much damage as possible. Another way to hurt the enemies is by using ranged attacks such as Wicked Weaves and shooting them with your firearms, although the former is more effective. After you kill the first one you can pick up its weapon, if you do then the pole dancing attack is effective because it doesn't hurt you but it can cause them a great deal of damage in wide radius.

Verse 2

Alfheim serves as this Verse.

Verse 3

After the battle with the flaming Affinity proceed through the tunnel and take a right. It'll go to a small scene showing that lava is now chasing you. Out run the lava flow. Beloveds will constantly try to block your path, maneuver around them and keep going. At the end of the run the lava will flow into a large gap in the streets, you will need to jump over a bit of the gap to reach a safe spot.

Verse 4

After you escape the lava you'll walk down the stairs and into the plaza, here is where Fairness is introduced. Be ready because Fairness immediately launches a fireball at you, if you aren't ready it could hit you.


Jump out of the way of the angel's attack. If you keep your distance it'll continually launch fireballs; dodge them and get up close to attack. When you are in close quarters Fairness will either try to ram you or twist its body to hit you. Dodge these and keep attacking. Witch Time is the best way to beat the angel. Fairness will also use a sonic attack, if it hits you then you will be stunned for a few seconds; you can dodge this attack by jumping. After Fairness has been defeated the angelic barrier will fall and a Gold LP half will appear (you will need the other half in order to unlock the weapon).

Verse 5

After battling Fairness run through the archway. You will end up in another small open area, the door on the left side will break and show lava down its path. The rest of Verse 5 finishes with the Alfheim portal.

Verse 6

After the door breaks you'll need to run up and activate the statues. Once active use their power and go into Witch Time. You must use Witch Time in order to bypass the spouts of fire from the cracks. Run down the street and it'll take you to a cutscene. After you lava surf you'll end up using Witch Walk on the side of a building and then fight a few Affinities (Ardors on Hard/Infinite Climax). After you dispose of the angels you'll need to head right, there will be a part of the original street still intact; jump on it then jump and Witch Walk onto the other building. At the end of the bulding there'll be another piece of street, jump onto that and get back onto the original building.

Once there keep following the buildings, there will be a part where a piece blows up leaving a large flaming gap. Double jump over that gap. Keep running along the building jumping over the gaps and avoiding the explosions. Once you reach the end of the building it'll show lava starting to flood down the street. You'll need to cross another intact piece of street to get to the next building. Now Lava is coming from all sides so you must run straight up the wall (camera will be facing your front). The building will begin to collapse and a Quick Time Event occurs. Once you jump off the collapsing building it'll end verse 6.

Verse 7

After you survive the collapsing building you'll run straight into a large plaza. Once you near the fountain two Fairnesses will appear. Defeat them to end Verse 7.

Vigrid - Catacombs

Verse 8

After defeating the pair of Fairness you'll watch a short cutscene and have to do another Quick Time Event. After you complete the Event you'll be in a tunnel system (leads to the Catacombs). As you run through the tunnel there will be pools of lava, from these pools flaming Affinities (Grace & Glory on Hard/Infinite Climax) will appear. Dodge their attacks and use Witch Time to kill them (or use their staff for the pole dancing attack). Defeat them to end Verse 8.

Verse 9

After defeating the Affinity keep running through the tunnel and avoiding the spouts of fire. You'll need timing to safely cross the large pool of lava (as the two on the side spout fire you'll need to quickly jump through the center, if you don't time it right the center will spout lava and hurt you).

After you cross the pool of lava and continue down the tunnel you'll arrive in a large chamber called the Catacombs. Here you can visit the The Gates of Hell for supplies. Head right and follow the path. At the end you see a large stone circle and a bridge. If you approach the bridge two large rocks will destroy it. Head back towards the stone circle. When you get to it a group of angels (Braves on Hard/Infinite Climax) will appear. Defeat them to end Verse 9.

Paradiso - Garden of Light

Verse 10

After you defeat the Affinities walk through the stone circle. You'll be teleported to Paradiso - Garden of Light. Alfheim serves as the rest of Verse 10.

Verse 11

Follow the main path until you reach another pair of statues. Activate them and use Witch Time to cross water spouts to get up onto a platform. In front of you there will be a large carving and a level, go up and activate the lever. Once you have the the carving will break apart and you will be carrying a large hourglass. Head back to the portal you can come out of and pass through the stone circle.

Vigrid - Catacombs

Verse 11 Cont.

You'll now be back in the Catacombs. Use the hourglass to fix the bridge (if you so choose you can now return to the Gates of Hell to receive Kulshedra). Alfheim portal will serve as the rest of Verse 11.

Verse 12

Now that the bridge has been repaired you can now cross it. As you begin to cross the bridge a group of angels will fly out and attack you (Harmony on Hard/Infinite Climax).

Verse 13

After dealing with the angels keep running across the bridge. Once you get onto the second bridge it'll start to collapse on you so be prepared to jump. At the end of the bridge you'll have a Quick
Time Event. You'll jump off the falling piece of bridge onto a small rocky path near the lava. Run across the path but as you do so lava will spout out of the large pool and try to hit you as you run. There will be a glow as to where they will strike so watch for the advanced warning. At the end of the path the rocks will begin to rise. Climb up the rocks while avoiding the lava. Once at the top, jump across the gap and onto the ledge.

After landing, follow the path to the right and into the tunnel. You will need to Witch Walk up the tunnel, there are several veins of lava and rocks falling from the top. Avoid the lava and the falling rocks.

Path to the Coliseum

Verse 13 Cont.

Once you get out of the tunnel you'll be in a small area. Move forward and turn right. You'll come to a large open area (rocky/mountainous background).This is the path to the Coliseum. Turn left and follow the stairs upwards. As you run up the stairs, you'll just hop over a few fallen pieces until the Coliseum comes into view. Run into the Coliseum to end the Chapter.


Antonio's Notes Locations:

  1. Verse 7: Right in front of you after see your score for Verse 6. (About The Umbra Witches - II)
  2. Verse 9: Right after the cut to the scene to show you where you are at (Vigrid - Catacombs) you will need to head right. The notes are on the path. (Notes On The Topic Of Magic - III)
  3. Verse 13: After the tunnel area and once you're outside (you'll have a view of ruins and large mountainous landscape) the book will be on the stairs. (The Old Coliseum)

Arcade Bullet Locations:

  1. Verse 2: Found in the chest of Verse 2, its in the chest located to the right of where the angelic barrier was.
  • Replaces any Pearl or Heart pieces previously discovered.

Chest Locations:

  1. Verse 2: Immediately after the fight with the flaming Affinities before you go through where the angelic barrier was, turn right and head that way. Straight ahead should be the chest.
  2. Verse 5: Immediately after defeating Fairness turn left and go down the small street. In the far back the chest will be there, hop over the lava to reach it. (Directly opposite of the chest mentioned below).
  3. Verse 5: Immediately after defeating Fairness turn right and go down the small street. In the far back the chest will be there, hop over the lava to reach it. (Directly opposite of the chest mentioned above.)
  4. Verse 8: Immediately after you enter the cave run backwards. Follow the path a short ways to find the chest.
  5. Verse 13: After jumping up the rocks and onto the ledge head left. Follow the path to find the Chest.
  6. Verse 13: After avoiding the lava and falling rocks when you emerge from the tunnel (you'll be facing the camera), head that way. Then take a left to the Chest.

Broken Moon Pearl Locations:

  1. Verse 2: Reward for the Verse 2 Alfheim level.
  2. Verse 8: Immediately after you start Verse 8 face the camera and run in that direction, follow the path to find a chest; break it open to get the Pearl.
  3. Verse 10: Reward for the Verse 10 Alfheim level

Broken Witch Heart Locations:

  1. Verse 5: Reward for the Verse 5 Alfheim level.
  2. Verse 11: After you activate the statues and have jumped onto the platform turn right and head towards the rocks and trees. The Heart is found behind a stone structure.
  3. Verse 13: After jumping up the rocks and onto the ledge head left. Follow the path to find a chest, break it open to get the Heart.
  4. Verse 13: After avoiding the lava and falling rocks when you emerge from the tunnel (you'll be facing the camera), head that way. Then take a left to find a chest, break it open to get the Heart.

Golden LP Locations:

  1. Verse 4: Rewarded after defeating Fairness. (Fantaisie-Impromptu part I).
  2. Verse 10: When you enter Paradiso - Garden of Light, jump down to the left and head south following the path. The LP will be sitting on a large rock. (Fantaisie-Impromptu part II).

Umbran Tears of Blood Locations:


  1. Verse 2: Just after you defeat the flaming Affinities there will be an area that has lava and a destroyed car. Double jump over the lava and land onto the small safe area. The crow is relatively close to the pool of lava.
  2. Verse 13: As you climb the stairs to the Coliseum the crow will be on the stairs next to the second to last stone pillars.


  1. Verse 5-6: In the area where the doors break and you see lava you will need to move forward and turn right. Head down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs in the grass directly in front of you is the crow.
  2. Verse 9: The crow is located above the the gate for the portal to Paradiso

Non-Stop Infinite Climax

  1. Verse 11: In the area that has the large stone statue and lever head left, you must follow this path for some distance. The Crow wil be on the path.
  2. Verse 13: Once you are out of the catacombs and one the stairs towards the Coliseum the crow is located on the left corner of the first piece of broken stonework.


  1. Verse 2: Located immediately after the battle with the flaming Affinities. Head up the stairs above two phone stations, destroy the trash bin. The portal then will spawn, located to the right of where the angelic border was, there is a building that is supported by pillars. It's the same building where you previously could find a Broken Witch Heart and Notes On The Topic Of Magic - I. (Reward: Broken Moon Pearl)
  2. Verse 5: After the death of Fairness you will reach a small open area with more lava (the door on the left side will explode and expose more fire), head right and down the stairs. Once you reach the area at the bottom of the stairs turn right and double jump/wall climb your way to the building's second floor. There is the portal. (Reward: Broken Witch Heart)
  3. Verse 10: As soon as you enter Paradiso head right and follow the path. At the end of the path is the portal. (Reward: Broken Moon Pearl)
  4. Verse 11: After you use the hourglass to repair the bridge run all the way back to the beginning of the Catacombs, inside the tunnel resides the next portal. (Reward: Broken Witch Heart)

Video Walkthrough


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Hard/Infinite Climax:



Video (all items can be found on any difficulty, only exception is the Umbran Tears of Blood)

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