Chapter II: Vigrid, City of Déjà Vu is the second chapter in Bayonetta. This chapter sees Bayonetta progressing deeper into Vigrid, meeting new faces and remembering old ones.


Verse 1


Starts off with a cutscene. This serves as the introduction to Jeanne, as well as the introduction to a new ability known as Witch Walk, allowing you to walk on walls when the moon is out. During this fight you face Jeanne; the fight is relatively straight forward. The hardest part will be dodging and locating your target. If you can't find Jeanne then fire your guns, they will do no damage (Jeanne deflects them with her own perfectly placed shots) but it will make locating her much easier. Jeanne is a fast opponent and can do decent damage so be ready to move, the advantage is that she almost always speaks before attacking; you won't have a lot of time but you'll still receive an advanced warning. Dodging her attacks can be difficult when she's up close, at a distance if she charges at you then you are far more likely to move out of her way. However, Witch Time is disabled for this fight and you are at a distinct disadvantage in close range, so you will have to rely on tactical attacks such as Wicked Weaves. Executing the Weaves while holding down the target button is a good way to land heavy damage to Jeanne from a safe distance, as the Weaves will appear within striking distance of Jeanne due to the targeting, even if she is far out of range of your puches and kicks which lead up to the Wicked Weaves. You should be on the same surface as Jeanne in order for the Wicked Weaves to connect, and she will dodge some of your Wicked Weave attacks, but with correct positioning and enough persistence, it is possible to win this Verse with taking no damage.


Verse 2

Once she is defeated you'll return to the present and be able to willingly use Witch Walk when the moon is out. Run along the building wall and it'll cut to the proper introduction of Dear & Decorations (you've seen Decorations in the previous chapter but Dear is being introduced). Be prepared to dodge, after the introduction Dear will shoot a ball at you. If you aren't prepared you could be hit. These angels are very easy to kill and supported by a few Affinities.

Vigrid Town Area

Verse 3


After you had killed the angels finish running along the building. Once you reach the end a short cutscene will start depicting the moon being hidden by clouds. You'll fall to the ground and be faced with a large door. Open the door and proceed. At the end of the street there is another door that requires a combo attack. This door is very fast and you will require Witch Time to do it. Run back down the street that you came from, next to the door is the Umbran Witch/Lumen Sage Statues. Lift it up. It'll give you a timer of 10 seconds. Do NOT use it immediately. Run back down the street towards the combo door, once you are close then activate the statues (before the time limit ran out). Once in Witch Time attack the door quickly. Once it is broken then quickly move forward or else you will be pushed back and have to start over.

After you get out of that street you can proceed to a small courtyard. Walk past the courtyard towards this little "U" shaped area (has vehicles) and a cutscene will introduce Luka. After that cutscene an angelic border will appear and you will face groups of Affinities of varying types and Applauds. After slicing through a number of the angels a Beloved will appear.

After it has taken sufficient damage the Beloved with climb up a building and retreat. Afterwards you'll break the angelic barrier with another Infernal Kiss. Another cutscene will begin and end Verse 3.

Verse 4

After the fight head under the archway. A trolley will pass by as you enter the area. Keep walking down the street, after a bit of a distance a short cutscene will flash. A trolley is now speeding towards you, you must jump to avoid it. Once it has stopped the introduction to Enchant begins. Be quick, the Enchant that flew into the air can hurt you if you do not move before it comes down. These angels mainly use the element of Fire for attacks. They will generally keep their distance unless they charge at you. When they charge at you it is possible that they will split open and try to attack you. They can also do electric damage, it does only a little more damage that the fire ram.

These angels are pretty simple, they have the tendency to ignite before ramming and gives you ample time to prepare. After you destroy them you'll break another angelic barrier (basically you'll be breaking angelic barriers after most, if not all, battles using the Infernal Kiss).

Verse 5

After the encounter with the Enchants proceed through the archway into another courtyard. Follow the street and start heading right. A few more Enchants will appear, please note that there are even some in the wall. Be careful with the ones stuck in the wall, they may not be able to move but they will fire fast energy balls at you which can be hard to dodge (but they will glow when they are charging the energy so you will have some degree of warning).

Verse 6

Alfheim serves as Verse 6.

Verse 7

After you defeat the group of Enchants the Beloved will return for another round. At some point the first Beloved will become infuriated and yell into the sky while waving its axe thus prompting a second Beloved to appear.

Now you must fight two Beloveds. This can be kind of tricky if you don't keep track of where the other Beloved is. Their swings might be slow but they can pack a bit of a punch. Try focusing on the Beloved that was injured. Once its out of the way its weapon is available for you to use (you don't have to use it but it does a great deal of damage to the Angel's in only a few swings). Once the second Beloved's health is down you summon Gomorrah again to finish it off. After you defeat the two angels another Gold LP appears called Quasi Una Fantasia. Grab this and take it to the Gates of Hell to get your hands on Shuraba, your first melee weapon and one that will serve you well throughout the game.

Verse 8

Alfheim level serves as Verse 8.

Verse 9

Turn right and head down the stairs. Near the bottom of the stairs you'll encounter two Applauds (Joy on Hard/Infinite Climax). Defeat them to fix the statue you need to use to cross to the next area and break the seal on the bridge.

Verse 10

After defeating the two Applauds run back up the stairs and activate the Umbra Witch/Lumen Sage statues. You'll receive another 10 second timer. Run back down the stairs and activate the statue. Once in Witch Time use combos on the orb to make it flatten out into a bridge. Cross it as quickly as possible. You may have to double jump to finish crossing if the bridge reforms. If you're replaying the level after obtaining Beast Within, you don't need to mess with the orb, as the gap is easily crossable with Panther or Crow Within.

Once you are across, run through the area and turn right towards the church. Kick open the door and get ready.


Verse 10 cont.


A cutscene will begin where Bayonetta encounters a little girl in the church. After a short scene with the girl, the familiar voice speaks to her again, telling her that the girl is the key to her future, shortly before she is attacked by the dragon she fought in the last chapter. Once the cutscene ends, you will have to deal with the dragon again. You will want to aim for the beast's snout. This is its weak spot. The problem is that if you get too close it'll launch close range fireballs at you. The beast will constantly try to pull its head free or bite you. It will also try to ram you with its head if you spend too long flanking it. If you keep your distance it'll also shoot fireballs. Whenever you can, dodge an attack and try to put in as many attacks as possible (Shuraba is a good choice, especially if this is your first playthrough). Watch for fire building in the beast's jaws or watch for when it seems like its opening/closing its jaw quickly; the fire is when its charging its fireballs and the jaw movement is when its readying its bite. Dodging fireballs is the easiest so try using those as your means of achieving Witch Time. As previously you could also constantly fire at it using your pistols (this will do very little damage though).

After its health is half gone it'll manage to tear part of the building off. The head will still be stuck but now the other head can attack too. The second head will attack from the right and the first head will flail around. After taking a sufficient amount of damage, the dragon will finally get its head unstuck and fling the building into the air. Once it's in the air it'll spit two large fireballs at it. This starts a quick time event. Hit the Shoot button at the right moment in order to jump out. If you hit it too soon or too late, the building will be destroyed and you will die. After jumping out, you will then grab the building and go into a Climax event to whirl the building around and send it straight into the fireballs. You'll fall down to the ground thus ending the chapter.


Antonio's Notes
  1. Verse 3: Located in the street. (An Unknown Metal Wall)
  2. Verse 3: Located on the right side of the courtyard under a building's overhang. (Notes On The Topic Of Magic - I)
  3. Verse 5: Located in the back right corner of the courtyard. (Notes On The Topic Of Magic - II)
  4. Verse 8: Located in the hallway. (About The Umbra Witches - I)
Arcade Bullets
  1. Verse 3: Once you enter the courtyard go right to the chest. Break it to receive the bullet.
  • Replaces any Pearls or Hearts you have previously collected.
Umbran Resting Places
  1. Verse 3: After you pass through the archway into the courtyard the chest is located immediately to the right side of the courtyard tucked away in a corner.
  2. Verse 5: Run right through the Courtyard following the road. Directly ahead of you is another chest.
  3. Verse 5: In this same Courtyard, near a container
  4. Verse 9-10: Located in the same area the two Applaud appear. Its on the right side in the grass.
Broken Moon Pearls
  1. Verse 3: Reward from the First Alfheim level.
  2. Verse 7: Reward from the Third Alfheim level.
  3. Verse 9-10: In the chest in the area where the two Applaud appear.
Broken Witch Hearts
  1. Verse 2: Using Witch walk climb up the wall on your left. As you walk up there will be a winged statue, shoot at it. Once its broken you can pick up the heart.
  2. Verse 3: Once you enter the courtyard on the right side of it there will be a building with pillars. Go to that area. In the closest corner the Heart will be floating up, jump to reach it. (This area is just north of the Arcade Bullet and in the same area as a book.)
  3. Verse 3: Second Alfheim level
  4. Verse 9-10: In the same area as the two Applaud appear there is a wall to the right of the chest. Wall climb it onto a small overlook. Then double jump near the tree.
Gold LPs
  1. Verse 7: Reward for defeating the Beloved pair. (Quasi Una Fantasia)
Umbran Tears Of Blood
  1. Verse 3: After you open the large doors you will run down the street. Straight ahead, it'll be sitting with a large group of other crows on the left side.
  2. Verse 10: After activating the statues and crossing the weird metal bridge you'll want to run straight forward until you get to a set of stairs. There will a pole near those stairs. The crow is at the very top of the last pole.
  1. Verse 3: In the area where you need to activate the statues the crow will be near a window on the second building on the left. You must double jump to reach it (your back will be facing the statues).
  2. Verse 10: After you have crossed the bridge the crow will be in the patch of grass that is on the right.
Non-Stop Infinite Climax
  1. Verse 3: After the boss as fled you will need to go to the building that it climbed. Go all the way to the wall then look at the building, there will be 2 small balconies up above. You must double jump then wall jump until you get to the second balcony, the crow is there.
  2. Verse 5-6: You must jump up onto the archway (where the Alfheim is), the crow will be at the corner of the left hand building.


  1. Verse 5: After you defeat the Enchants, follow the tracks back up the street from where the trolley came from. It will be at the very end of the street. (Reward: Broken Moon Pearl)
  2. Verse 5-6: After you defeat the Enchants you'll see an archway. Do not go through it. Instead double jump up the wall and wall jump onto a walkway. Its the walkway that creates the archway. (Reward: Broken Witch Heart)
  3. Verse 8: After you defeat the Enchants/Beloveds back track as far as possible all the way back to the combo door at the beginning. (Reward: Broken Moon Pearl)

Video Walkthrough


Hard/Infinite Climax


  • Video (all items can be found on any difficulty, only exception is the Umbran Tears of Blood)
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