Okay so we all obviously know Bayo's gone through a makeover in the game's sequal but why not delve deeper into how she's changed aestheticly. 

Okay so aside from the entire suit changing lets break it down into sections of the suit. 

Head: Okay so the most noticable change in her face's appearence is her now really short hair. She no longer wears her hair in a bun style and now has fringe! It's simalar to Jeanne's old hair style but slightly longer. She has new glasses with a design following imagery of Rosemary and new earings featuring a pentagonal rose design. They're triangler in shape. It also seems she's brightened up her eye makeup and wears a slight lighter shade of lipstick/lip gloss. She might have also gotten a slight tan. It might just be the lighting. 

Torso: (Front) Okay so her cleavage is covered up (I think it's looks better) with a chest-piece like mantle that's shaped like a butterfly and features rose designs on the lower and upper parts of both wings. Her Umbran Watch sits right in the center of her chest almost exactly where it was in the old design. It's held up by a chain that's connected to a leather choker with ruffles similar to her new cuffs. The roses feature vines which are all a metalic grey or silver. Under this is her skin tight suit that also features the vine design. The butterfly wings fan out into the locks of hair that fanned out Bayo's buckles in the old suit. These locks of hair cover the entire border of the butterfly shape and help form her new shoulder pads and from these six seperate locks hang six eight pointed star pendants replacing her moon pendants in the first outfit. These Shoulder pads go upwards and form sharp shoulders giving her a more witch like appearence. She no longer has buckles around her forearms. She also has new gloves that still go up to where her buckles started. On the wrisks of each glove are rennaisance style wristlets that replace the black eye designs. Her gloves are no longer red but blue matching the new Blue and gold theme. (Back) The back of her suit is still open revealing her back. The chocker she wears has a cresent moon pendant hangin right at the nape of her neck.

Legs: Her Legs feature a diamond pattern on the back with tiny buckles closing the leg to make said diamon pattern. The rose design followed down to her legs with vines instead with thorns to match. Her heels have also changed in design. The heel itself has been designed into tiny dancing figurines and they are formed into leather. The cuffs of the boots flare out slightly. 

And that's a breakdown of Bayonetta's appearence change! I hope you guys like it and i hope you guys read it!

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