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  • OnyxValkyrie

    I recently found a good way to farm halos in Bayonetta 2 if you are towards the early chapters. First you will need Gaze of Despair and Selene's Light (optional). A very good weapon to equip is Rakshasa (because it's very fast). Have it on Bayonetta's hands and feet (optional). Go to the Prologue - World of Chaos and equip Gaze of Despair, Selene's Light (optional), and Rakashasa (optional). After parrying the Valiance and starting the next fight, keep fighting on one combo string. If you get thrown back by an enemy or an enemies is far away use the Y button to keep shooting at the Acceptance's and Accolade  to keep your combo alive. Doing this you can get a combo string of around 9.99 X 5,000-9,999 (results may vary). Then just repeat theā€¦

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