So I was browsing the Bayonetta tag on Tumblr as always, and I came across a very interesting post from a Chinese gaming website, involving a possible Bayonetta 1 port for WiiU. Here's the link:

Rough translation from Google Translate:

Hideki Kamiya, Platinum game designer and director of the original Bayonetta, someone recently asked on Twitter Bayonetta 1 the possibility of re-released Wii U

In response, Kamiya push the following:

It is a Sega or ninety-nine percent. RT @ Linkyshink: PG should consider about Wii U Bayonetta 1 skillful eShop release

Very interesting at this point he said, is entirely different from the publisher, which means that he is in fact this is already one of the considerations. And this year for the Wii U Bayonetta 2, which can improve the visibility of the franchise and increasing fan demand, as well as the original game to new audiences.

Bayonetta 2 is currently scheduled for release in 2013, although no specific dates are not yet available. If you can not wait for more stylish, heavily armed witch, she'll let Platinum Games Latest Xbox 360 and PS3 titles, anarchy reign as a playable character appearance. You can also quickly looked forward to reviewing the anarchy reign.

I think this is great news, because now the Nintendo-only gamers will be able to play the first without having to buy a 360 or PS3, and thus be able to understand the series' universe and story once they play the second.

What are your thoughts?

UPDATE (would've updated this post sooner, but I got too lazy to): Kamiya has recently posted on his Twitter account that it will be possible to port Bayonetta 1 to WiiU in time before the release of the sequel. Thus, a campaign called "Operation Dead Angels" has been started on NeoGAF, and has spread to Miiverse, Twitter, and Tumblr. The campaign's purpose is to rally up as many fans possible to persuade Platinum and Nintendo into releasing the first game on WiiU. Read more here:

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