Honestly what are people's expectations? I'm not saying just about whether or not it'll be better than the first game (cause I'm pretty sure everyone would like to see it at least equal the first game). I mean what would you expect from the plot? The characters?

What are your expectations for the game?

Mine: I would like to see the game have some interesting twists and turns (but not ones that are obvious or already used). I would like to see more character development, especially compared to the previous game (like how Bayonetta is a lot happier in this game than before). Make the bosses much harder rather than simply doing the same moves over and over again (example: Iustitia. Dodge, dodge, dodge, attack, cut the tentacle, dodge dodge dodge). And finally I would like the game be longer (instead of a 3 hour speed run then make it more like a 4-6 hour run).

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