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Unforgiven is the name of the set of guns that Rosa wields during Bayonetta 2. Resembling six-shooter pistols and with a strong link to the magical arts, they were originally intended to be used only by the chosen of the Umbra Witches until a clan member betrayed and injured one of their own. Something strange is that these, despite clearly being cast and constructed before the 1300s, are almost exactly hammer action Colt Magnum revolvers, which were not designed until about the mid-1800s. Perhaps in the same ilk as Irenic, these inspired Samuel Colt's designs. Regardless, the guns were sealed away and sapped of most of their original power until Rosa obtained them as a last resort when the clan faced the onslaught of the Witch Hunts.

In-Game Description

"A set of guns found by Rosa after having been long sealed away for being used in the betrayal and injury of an Umbran sister. The set is comprised of four individual guns named North, South, East, and West. As they were originally designed for witches, their affinity with magic is strong, and though old, the power of a single shot is immeasurable. However, it goes without saying that these guns, meant only for chosen Umbra, should not be allowed in the hands of one who broke the laws of the clan by loving a Lumen Sage. Though they were returned to Rosa as the clan faced the threat of annihilation, they no longer contain any of their original power. They now exist only as a weapon of the forsaken, to hold back the disaster that encroaches upon her."

How to Obtain

Unforgiven are automatically obtained when Rosa becomes a playable character in the Story mode and Tag Climax. They are the only weapons she can wield, and they cannot be un-equipped or changed for another weapon.

Unique Traits

Unforgiven share the old moveset of Bayonetta and Jeanne from the first game and function in the same way as Scarborough Fair or Love Is Blue in terms of execution. Given their built-in magical powers as is implied in their description, Unforgiven are extremely powerful and rack up both damage and combo points very quickly. If one were to factor in Rosa's damage multiplier as well, these weapons have the potential to deal the most damage of any standard bullet weapon in Bayonetta history.

Unforgiven's Wicked Weaves summon Madama Khepri, Rosa's infernal contract, as fists or feet that strike enemies. As Rosa's Umbran Climax state is to summon the Umbran Armor, Unforgiven do not contribute.

Bullet Climax: Rosa stands still and takes aim at nearby enemies with powerful shots from either hands or feet, locking onto enemies automatically.

Charge Modifier: Holding down the attack button will cause the guns to discharge a single power shot, causing massive damage. When used in conjunction with a few of the guns firing at once, these shots can destroy most weaker enemies instantly.



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