Time for the Climax is the 24th track of Disc 1 of the Bayonetta 2 Original Soundtrack. Much like its counterpart Let's Hit The Climax! in the original Bayonetta, the theme primarily plays during the summoning of an Infernal Demon after a major boss fight in Bayonetta 2.

Bayonetta 2

Time for the Climax! is heard various times throughout Bayonetta 2, firstly upon summoning Labolas to defeat the turned-enemy Gomorrah in the Prologue. The theme is later played when summoning Diomedes against three Glamors; Hydra against Valor; when working with Loki to defeat an Insidious; when using the Umbran Armor to defeat Sapientia; when using the Umbran Armor to defeat Iustitia; and lastly when summoning Omne alongside Balder to defeat Aesir.

Chapters Featured In

  • Prologue: A World of Chaos
  • Chapter III: Paradiso - The Gates of Paradise
  • Chapter VI: The Bridge to the Heavens
  • Chapter VII: The Ark
  • Chapter XIV: The Witch Hunts
  • Chapter XVI: Sovereign Power

Much like in the first game, Climax Attacks for smaller enemies differ to the theme Summoning the Infernal Demon (2nd Climax Ver.).


In Other Media

Time for the Climax! appears as one of the possible background music options for the Umbra Clock Tower stage in the Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U Bayonetta DLC. Other notable themes made available for the stage are Let's Hit The Climax!, Let's Dance, Boys!, One of A Kind, Red & Black, Friendship, The Legend of Aesir, After Burner (∞ Climax Mix), Mysterious Destiny, Tomorrow Is Mine, and Riders of the Light.


  • Unlike its first game counterpart, Time for the Climax! does no longer play specifically for summoning Infernals against the Auditio.
    • Furthermore, Time for the Climax! is sometimes played even without summoning an Infernal Demon at all, as heard in Chapter XIV.
  • Time for the Climax! is actually an instrumental mix of Tomorrow Is Mine, similar to how Let's Hit The Climax! is for Mysterious Destiny.
  • Time for the Climax! and Let's Hit The Climax! partly comprise Bayonetta's victory theme in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U by combining it with GM04 Verse Result Jingle.