Scent of Love is the theme of Bayonetta (Pachislot), similarly to Mysterious Destiny and Tomorrow Is Mine of Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 respectively. Because it is a gambling game, rather than an action game, Scent of Love's lyrics draw more on Bayonetta's sexual nature more so than any other aspects of her character. The singer of this song is Helena Noguerra, who also sings Mysterious Destiny as well as Fly Me To The Moon (∞ Climax Mix).

Pachislot Bayonetta

Being the main theme of Pachislot Bayonetta, the theme appears frequently throughout the game.


So sudden came our love -
destiny brought it to us.
It left a good scent
in the air that night.

It was a passionate love.
The air just took over us,
leaving a sweet scent
in the air that night.
A world made for two.

When you held
me inside your arms
the scent of our love
filled up the room
'cause it surrounds you.

So you said
"Wherever you go -
no matter how far -
I will find you.
I just need to follow,
follow the scent of your love."

It was a childish love -
my jealousy was too much.
We felt it slowly
fade into the night.

Silence filled our love
and two sides cover us,
leaving a deep scent
in the air tonight
'cause our love is a sin

I wanna wake up all your memories,
whistling tunes inside of your chest.
From now on that's what I'll wear -
the scent of our love.



  • Scent of Love is one of three themes in Bayonetta Pachislot to have lyrics. Others include Red & Black and IT'S SHOWTIME.
    • However, of these three it is the only one to be sung by Helena Noguerra.