Salamandra, after receiving them from Rodin.

Salamandra is the name of a pair of chain-swords that appear in Bayonetta 2. Much like the chainsaw weapon received from the Harmony Torture Attack in the first game, they can be used in both melee strikes and prolonged sawing actions for extra damage. An alternate pair of Salamandra can be purchased from the Gates of Hell after their Gold LP is found.

In-Game Description

"Chainsaws that resourcefully use every inch of the infernal dragon Salamandra. Its sharp scales were forged into the weapons' teeth, and its heart supplies their engines. At full throttle, their teeth easily rip apart even the hardest of iron skin and ravage deep through flesh below."

How To Obtain

All three pieces of Salamandra's Gold LP can be found in Chapter X.

  1. Verse 3: Off to the right after Verse 2 is a large gap only reachable using Panther Within at least. Appears after the Verse is over.
  2. Verse 6: After the Verse is over, turn right from facing the tentacle and head up the small hill where an Umbran Resting Place is. Continue past it to the right (heading the right way if the ground starts to distort), appearing at the end of the path.
  3. Verse 8: After getting to the third island and approaching the Muspelheim, turn right and extend the tentacle bridge at the end of the path. After triggering Verse 8 and winning, found in the Umbran Resting Place.

Unique Traits

Unlike most weapons that can be equipped to the hands slot, Salamandra's maximum number of hand attacks is only 4 compared to the usual 5. When holding the corresponding buttons when attacking, Salamandra's chainsaw parts activate and cause heavy damage to enemies the longer they are in contact with it. Salamandra's blades will begin to glow and change from their normal color to bright crimson. When releasing the attack button at the pinnacle of the change (when the color is brightest), an extra slash is added to the combo string that is both quick and highly damaging. 

Unlike most of the other weapons in the game, Salamandra does not have any Wicked Weaves when used in normal combat. However, the weapons do gain extended blades and increased damage when powered up with Umbran Climax.

Additionally, whenever Salamandra is equipped on the feet, the player will skate around on them like Odette instead of walking.


Agni is Jeanne's equivalent of the Salamandra. The chainsaws are colored entirely white to Jeanne's preference.


In-Game Description: "Chainsaws containing the spiritual energy absorbed from the god who controls all flame. The fire that constantly flows from this weapon transforms into sharp teeth that can sear anything apart."



  • Salamandra most likely get their name from the salamander, of which Salamandra are a genus. In Medieval and Renaissance lore, salamanders were lizards that had a supernatural affinity with elemental fire.
  • Agni is the name of the Hindu god of fire.
    • Jeanne's Agni may also be a reference to the Devil May Cry 3 boss: Agni and Rudra.
  • In the first Bayonetta game, Rodin has a quote where "No matter how much [Bayonetta] ask, I'm not puttin' a chainsaw on [Bayonetta's] arm. Now, what do you want?" . This weapon shows that he has now broken that promise.
  • The weapon is a shout out to Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness.
  • This entire weapon may potentially be a reference to Jack Cayman, the protagonist of MadWorld, also developed by Platinum Games.


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