This article is about the secret boss in Bayonetta 2. You may be looking for his angelic versionthe weapon or his normal form as a weaponsmith.
Bayo2 - Demon Rodin

Rodin, The Infinite One is a secret boss character in Bayonetta 2. He is the demonic version of Rodin, acting as a parallel to his angelic form from the first game. Using supercharged versions of his abilities when encountered in Inferno during the story and also in Tag Climax, Rodin is one of the most challenging fights in game, though completely optional.

Defeating Rodin, The Infinite One unlocks the new version of the weapon with his namesake for use in other areas of the game, and the "Beautiful!" Bewitchment. It also unlocks Devil Rodin's 3D model and concept art in the Gallery.

Lemegeton's Guidebook

"An immortal man feared as the most dangerous demon in the entire barren wasteland of Inferno. Freely travelleing between the human world and Inferno, it is nearly impossible to guess his location at any given time. His sudden visits to Inferno are said to be for hunting its savage, ruthless demons and taking their souls.

It is rumoured he was once a resident of Paradiso with the power of creation, but witnessing his acts in Inferno, most would think him more suited for destruction. Though his principle purpose is for collecting the souls of Inferno's denizens is to use them in making his weapons, he himself is never seen sporting anything but other than his bare fists: true testament to their unbridled power.

As the famed weaponsmith of Inferno, he destroys to create, then creates to destroy. His true objective is still a mystery, though perhaps he is waiting for someone to appear who will finally have the power to undo him.

"Damn, been a long time since I had a workout like that. You come back soon, dig? I'll be here...Waiting. Again." - Rodin, The Gates of Hell"

The Platinum Ticket

A platinum plate equivalent in value to the number of halos needed to restore the heavenly powers of the fallen angel, Rodin. If you were to hand this over to him...

–In-Game Description

Just like in the first game, Rodin is unlocked as a boss fight when this item becomes available in the Gates of Hell. After completing Chapter VIII of the Story mode, the Platinum Ticket will be available for purchase at 9,999,999 halos. The subsequent purchases of the ticket once Rodin is defeated will not cost anything.

Abilities & Powers

As stated in his description, Rodin possesses superhuman strength and resilience and only ever uses his bare fists as weapons. He appears in 2 forms throughout the battle.

In his first form, he acts as he does as an AI controlled character in the story and in Tag Climax. He utilizes his own version of Wicked Weaves and often uses a shield attack to break Bayonetta's combo. He also has a few area of effect attacks that are telegraphed through stomps on the ground and cause large explosions. 

After he loses one and quarter bars of health, Rodin transforms into his second form. He resembles a much taller version of himself with demonic wings, a tail, black skin, red markings covering his body, and a similar attire to the one he used in the first game. His attacks also greatly enhance, giving him the ability to charge from one end of the arena to the other and chain together Wicked Weave punches in a row.

In his second form, Rodin's most powerful ability is borrowed from his angelic incarnation. He will rush towards Bayonetta with a grip attack and if the attack connects, Bayonetta's health will be reduced to the bare minimum, leaving 1 point of damage on her health bar.

Though rather hard to execute due to his speed, it is possible to trigger Witch Time against both of Rodin's forms and deal appropriate damage, a stark difference compared to the original fight in the first game.


For more pictures and screenshots of Rodin, The Infinite One, click here.


  • Rodin's title of the "The Infinite One" is carried over from his angelic version and was earned from him surviving the passing of countless centuries when he was in Paradiso.
  • This is the only form where Rodin is seen without his sunglasses.
  • Rodin's second form greatly resembles stereotypical depictions of the devil/Satan and is hinted to be his true nature in regards to his status in Inferno. His dialogue upon his defeat strengthens this connection where he claims that even though he was defeated, "the devil always gets his due".
  • If the player or their respective partner dies as Rodin in Tag Climax, Rodin's body will be suddenly sealed inside a giant block of ice. This is a reference to Satan in Dante Alighieri's 14th-century epic poem "The Divine Comedy"; in which Satan is described as being sealed/imprisoned waist deep in ice due to his treachery against God.
  • Like his Angelic form, Rodin's most powerful ability bears a strong resemblance to the Shun Goku Satsu, the signature special attack of Akuma from the Street Fighter series.
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