Omne seal activated

Omne's Invocation Symbol

Omne, the Controller of Creation, is a fusion of angel and demon and is the final summon used in Bayonetta 2. Despite her appearance as a combined form of Jubileus, The Creator and Queen Sheba, it is commonly debated if she is a seperate being all together. The Umbra Witches and the Lumen Sages were aware of Omne's existence, but the powers needed to summon her were too great.

Book of Infernal Demons

An omniscient being formed by a miraculous unison of the powers of Paradiso and Inferno. The past leaders of the Umbra and Lumen clans, though they were aware of Omne's existence, were unable to summon it to this realm. It took the combined power of light and darkness, united in the bond of father and daughter, to finally summon Omne successfully. Posessing the qualities of both darkness and light, it can defeat even the most dissonant of chaos.

–The Book of Infernal Demons.

Role in Bayonetta 2

After Loki destroys both of the Eyes of the World at the climax of the game, Aesir's power dissipates and leaves him vulnerable to attack. After he is subdued, Bayonetta and Balder combine their powers and are able to summon Omne. The giant creation powers up and then drop kicks Aesir so intensely, it separates his soul from his body, while sending his body flying through the sky where it is promptly eaten by a Jeanne summoned Gomorrah.



  • Omne's design has Jubileus as the right half and Queen Sheba as the left half. This symbolizes the respective gods of two of the realms she created, possibly herself divided.
    • If this is the case, then Aesir, being the god of free will of the realm of Chaos, may have been the third, but non-physical, part of her original self.  
  • Omne's voice is actually altered vocal clips by Grey DeLisle and Hellena Taylor (who voices Jeanne and Bayonetta respectively).
  • Omne is the only character in this game to do a climax at Infiniton strength.
    • Omne is the second character to do so in the series, the first and only other being Queen Sheba.
  • Similar to Queen Sheba's summoning, where Sheba is formed from Bayonetta's and Jeanne's hair (black and silvery-white) in the first game, Omne is formed out of black and creamy-white hairs despite there being no white hair seen coming from the portal. This may be due to the difference in how Balder does summons (he uses feathers instead of hair as the medium), but it may well be Balder's hair as we don't see him use any other medium in this instance. This is supported by the fact the hair on Omne contains the same creamy-white color of his hair, as opposed to the silvery-white hair of Jeanne's.


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