This article is about the masked antagonist from Bayonetta 2. For information about this individual's older incarnation from Bayonetta, please see Father Balder.
Masked Lumen (Balder)

Masked Lumen Sage Bayonetta 2 render


The Masked Lumen
Biographical Information
Name Masked Lumen (Balder)
Gender Male
Born October 25, 1379, Vigrid
Clan Lumen Sages
Family Rosa - Wife
Cereza/Bayonetta - Daughter
Physical Information
Eye Color Silvery Blue
Hair Color Creamy White
Magical Abilities
Pact with Angels of Paradiso
Weapon(s) Holy Glaive
Animal Forms Wolf Within

The Masked Lumen is Bayonetta's rival in Bayonetta 2. He is truly a younger version of Balder who was brought to the present by Loptr.

The Masked Lumen seeks to exact his vengeance upon the one responsible for the death of his wife. He believes this individual to be Loki.

Bayonetta faces the Masked Lumen on several occasions over the course of Bayonetta 2. In Tag Climax mode, he be played as and fought against.


Before Bayonetta

Together with his wife, Rosa, Balder conceived a daughter and named her Cereza. This broke the tenet that kept the delicate balance between the Umbra Witches and Lumen Sages in place. As punishment for his actions, Balder was exiled from his clan. Rosa, meanwhile, was imprisoned for life.

Balder was manipulated by the forces of light into spurring on the Witch Hunts; the Lumen Sage returned to the Crescent Valley sanctuary to protect Rosa. Here, a mysterious boy with silver hair attempted to kill Balder, but his wife intercepted the attack and was struck down instead. With her dying breath, Rosa begged Balder to watch over and protect their daughter. Grief-stricken, Balder was snatched away at that moment by a mysterious power.

500 years in the future, Balder found himself atop the sacred mountain Fimbulventr. Here, he met a man named Loptr and was offered a chance to avenge Rosa's death. Balder donned a golden mask to hide his identity; from this moment on, he would be known solely as the "Masked Lumen."

Bayonetta 2

Note: The information contained within this section is about the Masked Lumen's actions in Bayonetta 2. To learn more about the actions of the character's older self, see Father Balder.

The Masked Lumen travels to Noatun in order to kill Loki, the boy Loptr told him is responsible for Rosa's murder. Loki is rescued from his attacker by Bayonetta; the Umbra Witch is shocked to discover that the enigmatic individual is a Lumen Sage, for she thought they had gone extinct when Father Balder perished mere months ago as a result of her actions. As they are evenly matched, the Masked Lumen's first battle with Bayonetta ends in a draw.

The Masked Lumen appears before Bayonetta once again within the demon Insidious; he attempts to kill Loki once again when he sees that the boy has been incapacitated. Bayonetta notices a lipstick container hanging around the Lumen Sage's neck as she intervenes once again. When Loki awakens, the boy uses a card to damage his pursuer's mask. The Masked Lumen is revealed to be in possession of the Right Eye; before the man can do anything else, Insidious explodes as a result of his second clash with Bayonetta.

At the real Gates of Hell, the Masked Lumen returns with an astral projection of Loptr at his side. He removes his mask and reveals his face to Loki to remind the boy of his crimes. Meanwhile, Loptr uses the Remembrance of Time to show Bayonetta that the Masked Lumen is truly a younger version of her father, Balder. It is revealed that Balder was not truly the one responsible for the start of the Witch Hunts; when Loki opens the Gates of Hell and escapes to Inferno with Bayonetta, the Masked Lumen follows.

In Inferno, the Masked Lumen destroys his mask and reveals his true identity to Bayonetta. He attempts to kill the Umbra Witch once and for all, but Loki is soon overcome by a mysterious power and accidentally sends the two back to the time of the Witch Hunts. It is back in the past that the Masked Lumen realizes he has been deceived: Loptr is truly the one behind Rosa's death. Together with Bayonetta, the Lumen Sage returns to the present; he becomes Balder once again.

Balder forms a temporary truce with Bayonetta; he travels with her to the top of Fimbulventr in order to stop Loptr from realizing his plan to once again become the God of Chaos, Aesir. Balder ends up losing the Right Eye to his deceiver, and it is only after teaming up with Bayonetta and Loki that Balder is able to defeat him.

Loptr's soul attempts to use its remaining power to return to the spirit realm so that it can be reborn in a new era; Balder traps the entity within himself in order to prevent this. Content with his sacrifice, Balder ignores Loki's warning that he will soon be corrupted. Balder refers to Bayonetta as "Cereza" and reveals that he knew she was his daughter the moment they met. The Lumen Sage makes Bayonetta promise to stop him if he strays from his chosen path; he asks that the Umbra Witch refer to him just once as "Daddy." Bayonetta obliges. Balder promises he will watch over his daughter and is sent back to his own time.


As his alias implies, the Masked Lumen dons a polished, golden mask in the shape of a stylized sun with nine circular indentations arrayed symmetrically across it. In addition to this, the Masked Lumen wears a white robe lined with gold patterns and red, diamond-shaped patterns that extend into a chain of sorts near his legs and down his sides. Gold, metallic rings appear at the base of the Masked Lumen's arms, and white boots made from leather with golden-tipped toes cover his feet.

In battle, the Masked Lumen wields a double-bladed glaive; this is inset with glowing, purple gems.


The Masked Lumen is extremely powerful; his skills rival those of Bayonetta herself. The Masked Lumen can use Light Speed to manipulate time, and he also possesses superhuman strength, stamina, agility, and durability. Via Beast Within, the Masked Lumen can become a white wolf. The enigmatic individual is also capable of flight; he sprouts wings comprised of several peacock tail feathers to quickly maneuver about.

To attack, the Masked Lumen can summon multiple celestial fireballs or spheres of lightning. Using peacock tail feathers as a conduit, he can also summon Paradiso's powerful Auditio.

Note: The information contained within this section is about the skills the Masked Lumen uses when he is faced as a boss. To learn more about the skills he can use while playable in Tag Climax mode, please see Holy Glaive.


  • "Where is she?"
  • "Then this will be all the easier."
  • "Umbra Witch…or shall I call you Bayonetta?"
  • "Your impudence will cost you your life, Witch!
  • "Very well then, Bayonetta. You shall be the first Umbra Witch to die at my hands! I swear it on my honour as a Lumen Sage."
  • "Why must you keep interfering!?"
  • "He will not be forgiven! He will never be forgiven! On my soul as a Lumen, he will draw his last breath before me!"
  • "We may not see our next step, we may stumble, we may fall off the path. But we always move forward! That is the power of man!'"
  • "What's wrong can be made right through human hands!"
  • "Cereza... Just one time, call me... Daddy..."
  • "Thank you... Cereza... My dear, sweet child..."


  • "Are you frightened?"
  • "Face me anytime."
  • "The power of the Sage is infinite!"
  • "You have no chance here!"
  • "Those who have taken from me will see that they're taken from."
  • "Light shines forever!"
  • "This is your fate!"

Character Selection/Tag Climax

  • "I am the Right Eye."
  • "Glory be to the Lumen!"
  • "I accept this task…humbly."



For more pictures and screenshots of Masked Lumen, click here.


Bayo2 - Balder Story Mode Screenshot

Early screenshot of Balder being playable in Story Mode.

  • It was revealed for the 2 Year anniversary of Bayonetta 2's release that Yasuke Hashimoto, director of Bayonetta 2, had initially planned to have Balder playable in Story Mode with his own stages. They would start at different point's on the 'table' that represented the stage selector, with him fighting Demons as she fought Angels. His story would be told from his perspective, up until the two separate story paths would come together as he and Bayonetta join forces to take on Aesir.
  • During development of the first game, Kamiya described that he had envisioned Balder as originally having good intentions in the past and that he would have wanted to explore his history with Rosa. This is partially addressed in the second game, in which Balder is depicted as being sympathetic whereas his antagonistic role in the first game is depicted to be the result of Loptr's influence corrupting his soul. When asked if he had planned the general idea of Balder's character well before development of the second game or if it was merely thought of afterwards, Kamiya acknowledged that it was the former.
  • An eye appears at the center of the Masked Lumen's mask; this is a reference to his possession of the Right Eye.
  • The wings the Masked Lumen can spawn during battle are identical to those of Father Rodin and, subsequently, his older self. This is because Balder's combative appearance was inspired by Father Rodin's angelic form..
  • Just as the blood Bayonetta sheds in battle transforms into rose petals before it disappears, the blood spilt from the Masked Lumen transforms into golden feathers.
  • The Masked Lumen is the first light-based boss to wield a melee weapon.
  • The Masked Lumen is the only character in the Bayonetta series thus far who is capable of summoning members of the Laguna.
  • The Masked Lumen is voiced by Crispin Freeman and Takehito Koyasu in the English and Japanese versions of Bayonetta 2, respectively.
  • His Beast Within form, the wolf, is rather ironic considering that Balder is named after the norse deity of light, and wolves in norse mythology chase after and hunt the Sun and Moon.


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