Masked Lumen sending forth a Lightninig Orb
Name Magic
Alternate Names Magical power
Type Energy
Creator Unknown
User(s) Infernal Demons, Lumen Sages, Umbra Witches, Supernatural Beings, Angels

Magic is the supernatural force and energy used by various race and beings as a whole throughout the universe and Trinity of Realities.[1]


For humans like the Lumen Sages and Umbra Witches, the usage of magic required an individual to possess great Spiritual Energy for them to harness prior to even learning magic.[2] However, the price of using magic for both the Lumen and Umbran is the fate of death in which their souls are taken to either Paradiso or Inferno[3], whereas the latter describes the fate of being subjected to endless torment.[4]

However, various other races (such as the Infernal Demons and Angels of Paradiso) are capable of innate usage of magic.[1]


Dark Arts

Main article: Dark Arts
Bayonetta using Dark Arts magic

Bayonetta using the Dark Arts magic.

The magic of Umbra Witches, referred to as the Dark Arts and Umbran Arts, is magic that originates from the direct contact of Infernal Demons that empowers a Umbran Witch. With the root of their power being from bending demonic energy to their will, they're capable of performing various kinds of magical feats.[5] The full extent of a Witch practicing the dark arts is expressed to be in the event of a full moon.[6]

Light Arts

Jubileus Healing

Balder using sage's magic to heal Jubileus.

The magic type used by both Lumen Sages , referred to as Light Arts[7], Sage Arts[8] as well as "Celestial Power"[9], allows sages to perform various magical feats similar to their counterparts. Portrayed in a more "holy-like" theme compared to the dark powers from Inferno, the pinnacle of a Sage's power is known to be at the peak of the sun's ascent.[10]

Temporal Control

Balder using Light Speed

Blader using Light Speed, a form of Temporal Control.

Main article: Temporal Control

The magical ability of seeing everything in an instant, Temporal Control is a technique in which allows a user to push forth their emotional and spiritual energy to it's very limit. Such a power requires an individual to possess a sound mind, body, and a complete grasp of spiritual energy.[11]

Remembrances of Time

Demon's Magic

Angel's Magic


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