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The Lumen Sages were a clan of European light followers from ancient times. Their affinity is to Paradiso, light, and the sun. Lumen Sages were able to utilize the Hierarchy of Laguna as they saw fit within combat and for other purposes, similar to how their counterparts, the Umbra Witches, utilized demons for their extraordinary powers.


Despite being a major part of the mythos of the Bayonetta universe, little is known about the ways of the Lumen Sages other than their duty of overseeing their respective realm over the course of history. Like the Witches, it can be assumed their ranks included only those who could harness Spirit Energy or magic naturally by birth as well as those that had a natural link to the heavens above.

As demonstrated in Bayonetta 2 when the Masked Lumen is defeated in battle, it can be also be assumed that the Sages made pacts of their own with angelic forces and upon death had their souls claimed by Paradiso, much like the Witches with Inferno. The Masked Lumen's actions also explain that the Sages were very honorable and treated their status as a Sage as something they would gladly swear their soul upon. 


Lumen Sages

Lumen Sages present at the trial of Balder and Rosa 500 years ago.

The Lumen Sages were one half of two clans, who worked hard to maintain the balance of the world's light and dark forces in order to ensure the just passage of time. They paid great respect to their counterparts, the Umbra Witches and also possessed an "Eye" like them, part of a set which were known as the Eyes of the World that allowed them to oversee time itself.

500 years ago, before modern times, a Lumen Sage named Balder and an Witch named Rosa fell in love and conceived a child. This violated an ancient law which stated that "The intersection of light and dark would bring calamity to this earth". Given the two clan's strict rules about their members forming a union such as this, tensions between the two clans from this event sent them down into the spiral of war which would later become the Clan Wars. The conflict would engulf all of Europe in its wake. Despite the Sages' best efforts with the help of the Hierarchy, the Umbra Witches' stealth and combat efficiency assured their victory in the war. Only one Lumen Sage was known to have survived the war: the exiled Balder (also known as the Masked Lumen).

Later on, Balder was inspired by the angels to encourage the humans of Europe to conduct the Witch Hunts under the false idea that he was stopping an apparent Witch rebellion. Deceived by the light, Balder was unable to prevent the remaining Witches being killed and arrived too late to prevent the death of his former lover at the hands of a mysterious youth. His daughter was sealed away because of her new status as the Left Eye and Balder was taken 500 years into the future by a powerful presence who promised him revenge. After teaming up with his now grown up daughter after realizing he had been deceived again, Balder absorbed Loptr's soul and was slowly poisoned by it when he was returned to his own time. He spurred on the rest of the Witch Hunts, using the timing of the Festival Of Resurrection as as source.

It wouldn't be until the present day, 500 years later, that Balder would meet his daughter again. During this time, Balder's corruptions had fallen in line with the angels who had originally tricked him, believing that he should use his power and his affinity to the heavens to weave a plan into motion that would resurrect Jubileus, The Creator. Bayonetta ultimately destroyed his plans and Balder was momentarily set free from Loptr's influence upon returning to Earth. Promising that they would perish together, Balder passed away with the knowledge that his daughter had fulfilled the promise she made him in his youth. Balder's death would eventually cause a natural instability when the Right Eye was lost, leading to the opening events of Bayonetta 2.

Powers and Abilities

Like their dark counterparts, the Lumen Sages have strong spiritual powers and are capable of communicating with the supernatural entities they have allied themselves with. They can interact with any angel, even the Auditio, and use their power to command them to do their bidding. It is speculated that the Auditio can act as the Lumen Sages' sponsors, similar to the Infernal Demons entering pacts with Witches. However, while the Witches only seem to summon the Demoness they've made a pact with (when not summoning lesser demons), the sole Lumen Sage seen so far, Balder, summoned all of the Auditio (sans Iustitia) as his younger self.

Similar to the Umbra Witches' Wicked Weaves, Lumen Sages can also summon high ranking angels to attack their enemies by using Enochian chanting, using feathers as a conduit. They also have a technique named Light Speed, which allows them to slow down time in a manner identical the Umbra Witches' Witch Time.

Lumen Sages also have access to the shapeshifting powers of the Beast Within.

Lumen Sages have similar combat abilities to the Witches thanks to their heavenly powers, including super strength, agility and reflexes. Using this power also lets them manipulate fire and lightning to their whim.


Even though small in number, the Lumen Sages that have appeared are shown to be tall and slender, wearing white robes with golden accents that use the sun as a reoccurring motif. The followers of the Laguna in the present day take their inspiration from this. In the opening of Bayonetta: Bloody Fate and Balder's outdated young model, we see additionally the use of headwear reminiscent of Catholic clergy.

Known Lumen Sages

  • Father Balder - Survivor of the Clan Wars, instigator of the Witch Hunts, Bayonetta's deceased father.
  • Masked Lumen - Survivor of the Clan Wars, Bayonetta's father and rival; in reality, a younger version of Balder.
  • Inferno Slayer - Real name unknown, mentioned in the weapon with the name. He was a Sage who hunted demons who wandered into humans' villages. His merciless killing of demons earned him this name by the villagers.


  • The "lumen" is a unit of measurement equal to the total "amount" of visible light emitted from a single candle.
  • The Lumen Sages' uniform and wings seem to copy those of Father Rodin, as they use a peacock's tail feathers for wings and have similar styles of robes. This is possibly a form of tribute and worship to him, as Father Rodin was the second-highest Angel in the hierarchy and was the greatest weaponsmith of Paradiso.
    • It may also be assumed that the wings they use are Father Rodin's, similar to Witches using Malphas' or their contracted Demoness' wings to double-jump, glide, or properly fly.
  • The only Lumen Sage seen so far, Balder, refers to himself as "Father", in a similar manner to a real-world Catholic priest. It is possible that Sages use ecclesiastical titles such as Father and Brother to refer to themselves.
  • It is possible that in a philosophical sense, the Lumen Sages are affiliated with the Yang aspect in Taoism. This is due to their associations of not only light, but also the Sun and masculinity.
  • According to the opening of Bloody Fate, the Lumen Sages are implied to have been the ones to instigate the Clan Wars in the first place, as they desired to use the Left Eye to awaken Jubileus, while the Umbra Witches were firmly opposed this.
    • It is possible that Loptr was the one who spurred the Lumen Sages to claim the Left Eye from the witches, and pushed the sages to instigate the Clan Wars as he stated that he "used the evil hearts of humans" to retrieve the power of Aesir, or The Eyes.

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