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This article is about the secret boss in Bayonetta. You may be looking for his demonic version, the weapon or his normal form as a weaponsmith.

Father Rodin is a secret boss in the original Bayonetta and is the angelic version of Rodin, the weaponsmith of The Gates of Hell. This is in opposition to his second-game counterpart who had a more demonic appearance. His appearance serves as the basis and inspiration for the combat attire worn by Father Balder, though his wings are more golden and consist of halos instead of purple peacock-styled feathers, while the pattern on his robe glowed red/orange instead of blue. He also has a similar halo to Jubileus, The Creator.

Father Rodin is the strongest enemy encountered in the entire game despite being a completely optional and hidden boss. If defeated, he will return to his "normal" state and give the player a unique weapon called Rodin. The weapon allows players to use various Angelic Weapons in addition to a golden chainsaw.

In-Game Description

"An incredibly powerful angel once charged with governing a portion of Paradiso. Immortal, he has seen the passing of countless generations in Paradiso, surviving them all, and earning the awe-inspiring title of Infinite One.

It is said he turned his back on the heavens and fought an insurgency against Paradiso. Upon ultimately losing the battle, he was exiled to Inferno. However, there are others that say the rulers of Paradiso feared his power and ensnared him in a trap that led to his exile. During his time in paradise, the angel Rodin was charged with the task of creation, responding to Divine Will with various masterpieces.

He was known as a genius smith, renowned for his weapons and armor. The stories of grossly outnumbered troops using his weapons to eviscerate demonic forces are too numerous to tell. After being forced from Paradiso, it is said the newly condemned demon tired of the chaotic battles that rage endlessly in Inferno and disappeared from the Infernal realm. No one knows of his whereabouts since."

The Platinum Ticket

"A platinum plate equivalent in value to the number of halos needed to restore the heavenly powers of the fallen angel, Rodin. If you were to hand this over to him...

–In-Game Description

The Platinum Ticket appears at the Gates Of Hell after the player collects a cumulative total of 10,000,000HaloCurrencys in a single save file (the game keeps count of every HaloCurrencys collected, including those already spent). When the player buys the Ticket for 999,999HaloCurrencys, Rodin states that these are enough for him to get back to his old and real form. Bayonetta is then transported to an otherworldy arena composed of an angelic seal and the fight against Rodin's true form begins.

Abilities & Powers

In his condemned demonic state, Rodin already posessed the abilities of superhuman strength, some level of invulnerability, pyrokinesis and the ability to open portals to the deepest depths of Inferno. As an angel, his abilities are similar to Father Balder's, but greatly surpass his in potency and scope.

Father Rodin is incredibly resilient to damage, having as much health as Jubileus, and cannot be stunned. He possesses attacks capable of taking out as much as a third of Bayonetta's entire health in just one combo and is also immune to Witch Time, even if triggered by the Bracelet of Time. He can use all of Balder's attacks and is able to perform his own version of a Wicked Weave, summoning huge hands that attack the player from below at the ends of the arena.
Rodin's tobbaco

Father Rodin's model.

Once his health falls to the second to last bar, Father Rodin gains new powers and become more aggressive. He will now summon a blue sphere once his health becomes low in addition to his previous attacks. These spheres can be summoned two or three at a time and are durable enough to take several hits from anything other than a charged Pillow Talk.

Father Rodin's most powerful ability is also the most powerful attack in the game. He will rush towards Bayonetta with a grip attack and if the attack connects, Bayonetta's health will be reduce to the bare minimum, leaving 1 point of damage on her health bar. This is particularly damaging as healing items are not allowed to be used during the fight with Father Rodin.


For more pictures and screenshots of Father Rodin, click here.


  • Rodin was originally set to regain his angelic powers within the story of the first Bayonetta game. Due to scheduling issues, Kamiya was unable to implement this into the story and instead Father Rodin was purposefully designed as a secret boss that surpasses the other bosses in terms of difficulty.
  • Father Rodin's role is a reference to the fallen angel "Lucifer" (lit. "morning star") of Christian tradition, in which it also served as the proper name for "Satan/the Devil". He is often considered as one of the highest of all angels. Like Rodin, he is an angel who fell from grace and would later become a powerful demon.
  • Because of Father Rodin's appearance serving as the inspiration for Balder's combat attire and the fact that he was the second-highest Angel in the hierarchy and the greatest weaponsmith of Paradiso, it is possible that the Lumen Sages may have held him in great reverence.
  • Throughout the battle, Father Rodin's attacks may make subtle references to various other games. For example: the thrust attack resembles the signature attack of Jack Krauser, an antagonist from Resident Evil 4. When he summons meteors, it resembles lightning summon attacks of White Fatalis, an elder dragon from Monster Hunter Freedom 2. His most powerful attack also greatly resembles the Shun Goku Satsu, Akuma's signature attack from the Street Fighter series.
  • When presented with his splash introduction from The Hierarchy of Laguna, Father Rodin uses The Gates of Hell's logo instead of his own halo as his Laguna Symbol.
  • Father Rodin is the only angel known to partake in mortal habits, such as wearing glasses and smoking, which can be seen to the right and in much of his promotional art. He is also the only Angel to talk in the English language rather than Enochian.
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