This article is about the main antagonist of Bayonetta. For information about this individual's younger incarnation from Bayonetta 2, please see Masked Lumen.
Father Balder

Father Balder
Biographical Information
Name Father Balder
Gender Male
Born October 25, 1379 (Scorpio), Vigrid (Italia origin)
Clan Lumen Sages
Family Rosa - Wife
Cereza/Bayonetta - Daughter
Physical Information
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color White
Magical Abilities
Pact with Angels of Paradiso
Weapon(s) Magic
Animal Forms N/A

Father Balder, Corrupted Lumen Sage is the main antagonist of Bayonetta; he is also the father of the game's titular protagonist.

Along with his wife, Rosa, Father Balder was responsible for the Clan Wars; he was the only Lumen Sage to survive them, and he was thought to be the one who started the Witch Hunts before the truth of his corruption was revealed in Bayonetta 2.

In the present day, Father Balder is the CEO of the Ithavoll Group. He is responsible for the death of Antonio Redgrave, Luka's father, and his possession of the Right Eye makes him an overseer of history.


Father Balder has pale skin with a bluish tint. He wears a white robe and coat that are covered in gold patterns; a gold mask covers the left side of Father Balder's face. The corrupt Lumen Sage wears a monocle over his left eye, and a peacock is draped over his shoulders. The bird's feathers arch around the antagonist's neck.

During battle, Father Balder abandons his coat, and the gold patterns on his robe glow blue. Father Balder sprouts wings comprised of several peacock tail feathers, as well; in which the circle on Balder's chest held Cereza's body to allow her to continually witness Bayonetta as part of his plan. It is said that Balder's combative appearance was inspired by Father Rodin's angelic form.



Having been corrupted by the influence of Loptr, Father Balder damages the Crescent Valley and continues the Witch Hunts. The Lumen Sage plots to recreate the universe and rule over it using the Eyes of the World; he spends the next 500 years teaching the citizens of Vigrid to follow the light of Paradiso in order to begin the Festival of Resurrection, during which he plans to use the deity Jubileus to remake reality.

20 years after Bayonetta awakens and travels to Vigrid to regain her lost memory, Father Balder tracks down Jeanne and brainwashes the Umbra Witch in order to lure his daughter to him. Father Balder speaks to Bayonetta on several occasions over the course of her journey; the corrupt Lumen Sage refers to her as his "dear, sweet child" and calls out to her more frequently after she meets her younger self, Cereza.

When Bayonetta finally reaches the Isla Del Sol, Father Balder reveals his daughter's parentage and Cereza's true identity. Father Balder tells Bayonetta of his plan to awaken the Left Eye; when Luka appears before him, the corrupt Lumen Sage states that he was truly the one who caused Antonio Redgrave's death. Father Balder throws Luka out a nearby window; he fuses with Cereza and fights Bayonetta as they fall from the Ithavoll Building. Bayonetta shoots Father Balder in the forehead with Rosa's lipstick, seemingly killing the man.

After she returns Cereza to her own time, Bayonetta is overcome with pain and Father Balder reveals that he survived his daughter's attack. The corrupt Lumen Sage explains that the Left Eye's power was reawakened after Bayonetta's memories returned; he ascends with his daughter up to the statue of Jubileus and launches it into outer space. Father Balder and Bayonetta become Jubileus' eyes, but the liberated Jeanne frees her Umbran sister in order to destroy the resurrected deity. Father Balder is seemingly killed once again when Jubileus absorbs him into her body.

Bayonetta: Bloody Fate

Father Balder seeks to recreate reality as a result of the madness that gripped his soul after he was exiled from his clan. As the bullet coming toward him, Balder sees the hallucination of Rosa and she said to him that she still loves him despite what have he done. The corrupt Lumen Sage is killed after the combined power of Bayonetta and Jeanne causes the body of Jubileus The Creator to disintegrate and his last word is "Rosa".

Bayonetta 2

Note: The information contained within this section is about Father Balder's actions in Bayonetta 2. To learn more about the actions of the antagonist's younger self, see Masked Lumen.

Following the destruction of Jubileus, The Creator, Father Balder is revealed to have survived the deity's battle with Bayonetta. The last Lumen Sage struggles to contain the soul of Loptr within himself; in his last moments, free of Loptr's corruption, Balder puts on his monocle and falls to the ground. He thanks Bayonetta for keeping her promise to him and vows that he will always watch over her. Balder then happily fades away in a burst of golden light, taking Loptr with him into the afterlife. After his death, the right eye of light was lost from the world forever and the Lumen Sages are now extinct.



Father Balder as he appears during his battle with Bayonetta

A Lumen Sage in possession of the Right Eye, Father Balder is incredibly powerful. He can launch spheres of energy at opponents, and he can also slash at them with swords of light. Father Balder can use telekinesis to hurl buildings at his targets; he can also use it to commandeer the satellite-based weaponry orbiting the planet and use their particle beam casters to produce concentrated beams of energy. Father Balder is capable of bringing the weapons down upon his foes, and he can steal the vitality of the Infernal Demons under Bayonetta's control to restore his health.




  • "My name is Balder. But if you so choose, you may address me as… Father."
  • "The Trinity of Realities wrapped up in a vortex of creation!"
  • "My, oh my…"
  • "The time has come to awaken the Eyes of the World."
  • "May Jubileus, The Creator, grace you!"
  • "Fear not, my child, for no harm will come to you. I'm always watching over you… My dear, sweet child."

Bayonetta 2

  • "You will not escape this fate! We will perish together!"
  • "My dear, sweet child… At last, you have fulfilled your promise to me… Fear not, for I am always watching over you…"


Father Balder's name is derived from that of the Norse god of light and beauty.


For more pictures and screenshots of Father Balder, click here.


  • Father Balder is voiced by Grant Albrecht and Norio Wakamoto in the English and Japanese versions of Bayonetta, respectively.
  • Kamiya described that he had envisioned Balder as originally having good intentions in the past and that he would have wanted to explore his history with Rosa. This is partially addressed in the second game, in which Balder is depicted as being sympathetic whereas his antagonistic role in the first game is depicted to be the result of Loptr's influence corrupting his soul. When asked if he had planned the general idea of Balder's character well before development of the second game or if it was merely thought of afterwards, Kamiya acknowledged that it was the former.
  • The wings that appear on Father Balder's back during his battle with Bayonetta resemble those of Father Rodin.
Satellite's System 16

System 16's cameo appearance in Bayonetta

  • "System 16," the name of SEGA's arcade board system, is written on the satellite that Father Balder uses as a ray gun in his battle against Bayonetta.
  • If the player does not steer Bayonetta's lipstick bullet correctly, Father Balder regains his composure and lunges at the screen in which it triggers a game over. The resulting animation sequence depicting Balder's recovery before the game over sequence is shared with Jubileus and Lotpr in the second game respectively; specifically when the player fails to steer Jubileus around the planets in space, or when the player fails to steer Loptr into Gomorrah's mouth.


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