The Eyes

The Eyes of the World, or best known as Aesir's Eyes

The Eyes of the World are ancient treasures from the dawn of the human realm and are an essential plot concept in both of the Bayonetta games.

The Eyes of the World were created by the God of Chaos, Aesir when the Trinity of Realities was formed. He divided his divine power evenly amongst the human virtues of light and darkness in order to awaken humans to the truth of their existence. This gift also allowed humans free will and gave them the ability to create and oversee history as they saw fit. When the Eyes are brought together, they allow the power of creation to be awakened and used to mold the universe as the user sees fit.

The Eyes were held by the Umbra Witches and the Lumen Sages, two clans that followed the light and the dark to compliment the Eyes. The Right Eye oversaw the light and the Left Eye oversaw the darkness. Both clans held onto the Eyes for hundreds of years in order to maintain balance in the universe.

For most of the first game, it is heavily implied that the stone set in Bayonetta's Umbran Watch is the Left Eye and she is looking to find both Eyes in order to re-obtain her lost memories. In the second game, the Eyes are once again involved and are being sought after by one half of Aesir's soul in order to re-obtain the god's power.

The Legend of Aesir

"The Legend of Aesir... A legend from the dawn of time.

Nobody knows where the world came from. A struggle caused the Trinity of Realities to be split into three realms: light, darkness, and chaos. Obviously, our world was the one born from chaos. The three worlds all needed rulers. Most of all, ours. And the one that ruled the chaos became known as Aesir. Aesir spent the first eternity quietly looking upon the Earth from his holy mountain. Where we only see reality and make it match our rules of the world, Aesir saw through reality, and those visions became our world. These observations became Aesir's power. Aesir's eyes were truly the eyes that created the world.

However, Aesir pitied the humans for their naivety and lack of free will, so the power he wielded was split into two equal halves and entrusted each to humanity's instincts: the Right Eye of Light, and the Left Eye of Darkness. By dividing the power of the eyes of Aesir, humans gained free will... They could now choose. With control of the Eyes of the World, the eyes that determine destiny, humans could choose their own paths. They awoke to their own identities. Man is but a reed, the most feeble thing in nature, but now we were thinking reeds, and we could our big first step towards grand prosperity.

The inheritors of the eyes of Aesir had been granted the power of creation."

- Luka, telling Bayonetta of Aesir and The Eyes' origin.

Treasure of the Clans: The Eyes of the World

From Antonio's Notebook:

Several hundred years ago, the now vanished clans of the Umbra Witches and Lumen Sages stood as overseers of time immemorial, thriving from their remote European base in Vigrid.
However, their reign quickly came to a close via a violent war that ended in their mutual destruction... Their war, lasting for 100 years, saw the Witches and their campaign of assassination push them to the brink of victory; yet, the people’s fear of these powerful women spawned the witch hunts, and eventually both clans vanished into the ether. Long serving the powers that be, it is said the clans did not use their power to interfere with history, but rather to protect its passage. We are told that they carried out these duties via use of their treasured "Eyes of the World."
Yet, what this statement means is anyone’s guess. What is clear is that the clans’ very existence was closely linked to historical change, so much so that even kings and emperors feared the clans’ power. There were two "Eyes of the World," one each controlled by the witches and the sages, which when used together were able to carry out their stated task of overseeing. To prevent the power of these ‘Eyes’ from being used for nefarious purposes, they were equally split, and the clans prohibited inter-relations in an effort to maintain the balance of power that existed between them.
The irony is that the grand war that led to the clans’ destruction was sparked by these very treasures. After their downfall, the "Eyes of the World" suddenly disappeared. Information about them is extremely limited…
What sort of item were the eyes? What shape did they take? All this remains unknown. The black market recently saw a large gem stone come into the market bearing the name of the "Eyes of the World;" although, it may be a different item under the same name, or even a mafia scam meant to gauge market reaction.
There is no proof that the ancient treasure was actually a gem, but there is reliable, albeit troubling information regarding the treasure and the CEO of the Ithavoll Group. It is said that he is in search of some unknown item for his development project in next-generation energy, but whether it has any relation to this matter requires further research.


At the beginning of the game, Bayonetta is looking for the Right Eye to reunite the set, hoping that it will help her figure out the details of her forgotten past. It is Enzo who tracks it down, finding it being marketed as a jewel being offered on the black market. An anonymous seller claims the jewel is part of the Eyes of the World and Enzo is able to locate the Right Eye in the isolated town of Vigrid. Bayonetta quickly leaves in pursuit.

Once in Vigrid, Bayonetta gains some clues that suggest the Eyes are not what they appear to be. In her clashes with Jeanne and Sapientia, both of them leave hints that the Eyes must be earned rather than found and that they are not simple jewels as she had originally been led to believe. It is only when she reaches Isla Del Sol that Bayonetta find out the truth about them.

Bayonetta finally learns that the Eyes of the World are not jewels at all when she meets the Lumen Sage Balder, her father. He reveals that the Eyes manifest within a person; to be more precise, their memories. Only by accepting the Eye's power within them will allow it to be used. Because the Eyes allow the power of the creation to be awakened, Balder plans to use them to bring Jubileus, The Creator into the human world and unite the Trinity of Realities, thus causing the destruction of the universe and the rebirth of a new one. Balder had originally planned for this event to happen during the Festival Of Resurrection 500 years ago, but failed when he lost the Left Eye.

Balder then reveals that Bayonetta herself is the Left Eye whilst he is the Right. The stone Bayonetta carries is actually the vessel that Jeanne had used to seal her away in order to protect her from Balder's plan. As she lost her memories upon reawakening, Bayonetta was unable to become the Left Eye and Balder subsequently used Cereza, Bayonetta as a child, in order to reawaken those memories.

Bayonetta is forced to awaken as the Left Eye when she sends Cereza back to her own time. Having given the girl a ribbon for her Umbran Watch so she could wear it around her neck at all times, this change in the past stops the dagger blow that would have otherwise sealed Bayonetta away. As a result, she never lost her memories and the power of the Left Eye is subsequently reawakened. Balder, despite having been presumably defeated, takes Bayonetta up to the statue of Jubileus and triggers the resurrection. It is only through the intervention of Jeanne that Bayonetta is set free and Jubileus awakens using only the powers of the Right Eye.

Bayonetta 2

After Balder's death following the defeat of Jubileus, the balance of powers between the three realms of the Trinity has become unstable and frequent natural disasters begin to plague the human world. During a demon summoning whilst being attacked by angels, this lack of balance causes Gomorrah to turn on Bayonetta and eventually kill Jeanne, sending her soul to Inferno.

During Bayonetta's journey to Fimbulventr to rescue Jeanne's soul, she uncovers a plot by Loptr, half of Aesir's soul, to recover both of the Eyes in order to become Aesir once again. After teaming up with a younger version of Balder to stop him, both Bayonetta and her father lose their respective Eyes to Loptr once he regains the power to control them directly from Aesir's good half, Loki. However, despite regaining the power of creation and intending to rule the human world as Aesir, Loptr suddenly loses the Eyes as Loki reveals his hidden power. As Aesir's true power is over "nothingness", he has the power to erase anything and everything from the world if he chooses. Using that power, Loki is able to wipe the Eyes from existence in the present and cause Loptr to regress into a weakened state and be defeated.

Later, when Balder is sent back to his own time zone with Loptr's soul corrupting him from the inside, he returns to a time when the Eyes still exist and is thus still able to possess the Right Eye when he becomes older. Because of Loptr's influence, Balder is able to realise that the Eyes can awaken god-like powers of creation like Aesir possessed and that using them with a ruler of a realm in the Trinity (Jubileus) would allow the rebirth of the universe in any manner he saw fit. In the Present, Balder is close to death and Loptr broke free. Balder put on his monocle to seal Loptr inside of him again and perished together. After Balder's death, the Right eye of Light was left from the world forever and the Luman Sage are now extinct.


  • If one looks closely at every masked angel such as Affinities, Applauds or Grace and Glory, one can find an eye symbol on their masks that hints at the Right Eye belonging to the forces of light. Similarly, when facing demons in Bayonetta 2, the seal that prevents Bayonetta from escaping the battleground is a red eye symbol that hints at the Left Eye belonging to the darkness.


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