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Dodge Offset is an advanced and important Technique in Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 that can be used to dramatically improve Bayonetta's performance in combat. Unlike other Techniques that can be bought at the Gates of Hell, there is no in-game tutorial on how to use Dodge Offset and any information on what it does and how to use it needs to be looked up in the instruction manual or in-game menu.

Dodge Offset can be used from the beginning of the game, is automatically unlocked, and cannot be switched off.


Dodge Offset is performed by holding down the PunchLarge or KickLarge while dodging (Bx rt or B r2) and then continuing the combo by releasing the attack button and pressing another button in the sequence after the dodge has been completed. For example, Bayonetta can dodge after the first PunchLarge in a PunchLargeKickLargePunchLarge combo by holding down PunchLarge and then pressing the dodge button. Once the dodge is completed, releasing the attack button and following it up with the other two hits of the combo by pressing KickLarge followed by PunchLarge will allow Bayonetta to finish the combo as if she didn't dodge in the first place. As long as the attack button is held down, the player can interrupt an uncompleted attack with a dodge and still continue with the combo once the dodge is complete. More than one dodge can be performed after another in Dodge Offset, providing the player holds down an attack button throughout all of the dodges.

Dodge Offset is best first practiced with either the Handguns, Scarborough Fair or Love Is Blue equipped to both hands and feet. When the attack buttons are held down, Bayonetta will fire the guns after the initial hit and continue to fire them during the dodge, giving visual and audible confirmation that it was held down correctly. Though the other weapons that Bayonetta can possess do not give a visual confirmation, Dodge Offset can be used with them in the same way as her guns.

Dodge Offset can also be used with the other main playable characters in either game. Compared to Bayonetta, Jeanne has increased functionality using Dodge Offset as she does not have a limit to the number of times she can dodge, allowing her to more easily keep her combos going. Rosa's Dodge Offset functions in the same way as Bayonetta's, though her guns do not fire during the dodge due to their decreased shooting speed.

Tome of Umbran Arts

"By using Bx rt or B r2 to dodge while holding down an attack button, you can offset the current combo and continue it after the dodge.
Example 1: While holding PunchLarge, dodge with Bx rt or B r2, then press KickLarge, PunchLarge.
Example 2: PunchLarge, then press and hold PunchLarge, dodge with Bx rt or B r2, press and hold KickLarge, dodge with Bx rt or B r2, then press PunchLarge."

Further Examples

  • HoldPunchLarge while dodging HoldKickLarge while dodging PunchLarge
  • HoldKickLarge while dodging HoldKickLarge while dodging KickLarge
  • PunchLargePunchLargeHoldKickLarge while dodging KickLargeKickLarge
  • PunchLargePunchLargePunchLargeHoldPunchLarge while dodging PauseLargePunchLarge
  • PunchLargeHoldPunchLarge while dodging PunchLargeHoldKickLarge while dodging KickLargeKickLarge
  • HoldPunchLarge dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge HoldKickLarge dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge PunchLarge
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