This is a list of all the controlers in the Bayonetta series.


These are all the controls used throughout the first Bayonetta game. This will show both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controls.


These are for regular gameplay use:

Xbox 360 PlayStation3 Function
Xbox-Left Stick PS-Left Stick Character movement
Xbox-Right Stick Playstation-Right Stick Camera
Press Xbox-Left Stick Press PS-Left Stick Disengage Witch Walk/Drop Held Weapon
Xbox-A Button Playstation-X

Jump (Press again in air to double jump)

Xbox-X Button Playstation-Square Interact/Shoot (Shoot)
Xbox-Y Button Playstation-Triangle Punch (PunchLarge) Hold to use Hand Slot Weapon(s)
Xbox-B Button Playstation-O Kick (KickLarge) Hold in order to use Heel Slot Weapon(s)
Xbox-RT Playstation-R2 Dodge (enables Witch Time with good timing)
Xbox-LT Playstation-L2 Switch Weapon Sets (From A to B or B to A)
Xbox-Dpad Playstation-Dpad Use item (depends on direction)
Xbox-RB Playstation-R1 Lock On (LockOn)
Xbox-LB Playstation-L1 Taunt
Xbox-Back Playstation-Select

Game Menu

Xbox-Start Playstation-Start Pause Menu

Missile Operation

This is for flying the Missile in the 14th chapter called Isla Del Sol.

Xbox 360 PlayStation3 Function
Xbox-Left Stick PS-Left Stick Missile Movement
Xbox-X Button or Xbox-Y Button Playstation-Square or Playstation-Triangle Shoots
Xbox-A Button or Xbox-B Button Playstation-X or Playstation-O

Fires Missiles*

  • -This expends one magic orb (the missile is Umbran Magic, not an actual missile).

Cannon Operation

This is for using the cannons against Temperance in chapter 15 called A Tower to Truth.

Xbox 360 PlayStation3 Function
Xbox-Left Stick PS-Left Stick Aim
Xbox-X Button Playstation-Square Fire
Xbox-A Button Playstation-X Exit Cannon

Bayonetta 2

These are all the controls used throughout Bayonetta 2. This game is only to be released on Wii U.

Button Layout Function
Left Joystick Character Movement
Right Joystick Camera Movement
Press Left Joystick Taunt
Press Right Joystick Change View
X Punch (PunchLarge)
A Kick (KickLarge)
B Jump
Y Action
ZL (Left Trigger) Lock On (LockOn)
ZR (Right Trigger) Evade/Dodge
L (Left Bumper) Umbran Climax
R (Right Bumper) Change Weapon
Start Pause Menu
Select Help
Hold D-Pad Use Item

The Touch Screen on the Wii U GamePad can also be used to perform multiple functions such as Attacks, Actions and Dodges.



Bayonetta 2