• SailorSedna052

    Alot of people are happy with just the 2 given that it gave us some answers that 1 didn't do, but I wonder if I'm the only one that wish there was a 3 to fix time or to have a new bad guy. It might just be wishful thinking that it's been in my mind for a while.

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  • The Lumen Sage

    Greetings! I am . I am a budding fan of the Bayonetta series.

    I have a very creative mind. As such, it is with great east that I am able to conceive prequels and/or sequels to the films, video games, and novels that interest and inspire me. After watching the cutscenes of Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 on YouTube for the first time, I knew I had to develop a Bayonetta game of my own: Bayonetta 3.

    Many Bayonetta fans are aware that Bayonetta 3 has been teased or hinted at on many occasions; the game's desired contents have been a topic of discussion on this Wiki several times in the past. What do I think should happen in the game, in its most basic sense? My opinion is as follows:

    • The "climax" and final chapter in the Bayonetta series, Bayonetta 3 would "expand up…
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  • Spartan-241


    December 22, 2015 by Spartan-241

    Bayonetta's In Smashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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  • Xorun

    No more

    March 4, 2015 by Xorun

    This is a blog post.

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  • Nick tanico

    third instalment

    February 15, 2015 by Nick tanico

    Hmm curious on how the third instalment, wonder if it would extend to other religous factors such as Greek and Roman (both are the same in my opinion) and how outragely  awesome it would be

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  • Nick tanico

    Umbra Origin

    January 13, 2015 by Nick tanico

    Can we expect to see a full view of the Umbra witch clan or are there some who are in hidding, cause a clan that powerful couldn't just have all died off right. Sides it could be a coll DLC or a stand alone title for the game, you know knowing the origins and like that

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  • OnyxValkyrie

    I recently found a good way to farm halos in Bayonetta 2 if you are towards the early chapters. First you will need Gaze of Despair and Selene's Light (optional). A very good weapon to equip is Rakshasa (because it's very fast). Have it on Bayonetta's hands and feet (optional). Go to the Prologue - World of Chaos and equip Gaze of Despair, Selene's Light (optional), and Rakashasa (optional). After parrying the Valiance and starting the next fight, keep fighting on one combo string. If you get thrown back by an enemy or an enemies is far away use the Y button to keep shooting at the Acceptance's and Accolade  to keep your combo alive. Doing this you can get a combo string of around 9.99 X 5,000-9,999 (results may vary). Then just repeat the…

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  • Bayonetta X


    September 23, 2014 by Bayonetta X

    When the world comes to an end, you will look back and regret the foolish decisions that you've made...

    Then you'll soon be full of regret...

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  • ACWeapons

    I'd like to know if anyone else has seen anything interesting or noticed something in particular in the Bayonetta games. Anything from reference to glitches.

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  • Umbra-warlock

    Hi little ones!!

    I'm new on this wiki and I would like to share opinions and theories about Bayonetta 2 with all of you, so lets go

    First Theory: Would be Rodin the final boss of Bayonetta 2?

    This question passed through my mind recently because if you remember in the first game, Rodin was the second most powerful angel in paradiso but was expelled from Paradiso because of his rebellion, and became Bayonetta's weaponsmith in earth, if he became Father Rodin with the Platinum ticket, what if he trained the masked lumen sage in secret to gather infernal energy from demons like bayonetta gathers halos to him as payment, what if Rodin was expecting to gather vital energy from angels and demons to become a god to kill the Overseer and take its pla…

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  • Griffix


    February 25, 2014 by Griffix

    Honestly what are people's expectations? I'm not saying just about whether or not it'll be better than the first game (cause I'm pretty sure everyone would like to see it at least equal the first game). I mean what would you expect from the plot? The characters?

    What are your expectations for the game?

    Mine: I would like to see the game have some interesting twists and turns (but not ones that are obvious or already used). I would like to see more character development, especially compared to the previous game (like how Bayonetta is a lot happier in this game than before). Make the bosses much harder rather than simply doing the same moves over and over again (example: Iustitia. Dodge, dodge, dodge, attack, cut the tentacle, dodge dodge dodg…

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  • Mysterious Destiny

    Interesting finds

    December 23, 2013 by Mysterious Destiny

    I stumbled across some early development footage of Bayonetta tonight. There are a lot of differences from the final version, as well as a lot of unpolished/placeholder stuff. Check out the videos below:

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  • Prinzvon-licht


    December 21, 2013 by Prinzvon-licht

    After a very very very long and very sudden hiatus I am back to do what I had promised @Omniance I would around August, and am starting to update the Story sections in characters and changing them into Chapters so that the story is more in depth. The Process is going to be long and arduous, and the pages may have missing pages for awhile so please don't change anything while I edit them. I'm am very sorry for the sudden disappearance, I have a lot of school work, and I am sorry for taking so long to start the change. 

    Just wanted to notify the other users and Omniance so that you guys aren't wondering who keeps changing the info. Thank you. 

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  • Mysterious Destiny

    It's Cereza's 602nd birthday!

    How will you celebrate this day?

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  • Mysterious Destiny

    I'm back!

    November 5, 2013 by Mysterious Destiny

    Yesterday, I returned from my trip to Anime NebrasKon, and let me tell you, it was some of the most fun I've ever had. Also, all of the compliments I was getting on my cosplay made me so happy. ^_^

    I'm too lazy to re-type everything I posted on my Tumblr page, so read more about my adventures here:

    And view various pictures I took here:

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  • Mysterious Destiny

    I will be leaving for Anime NebrasKon in the morning. It's gonna be my first time going to a convention, as well as my first time cosplaying, and I'm so excited!!!

    So because of this, I will be absent from the wiki for a few days. I will be sure to share my experience with y'all when I get back though! :)

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  • Lord Rose Thorn

    Now I'm not entirely sure but I have been meaning to ask whether or not there is any sort of fan site for Bayonetta. Considering I looked at the hub for Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 on Prima Games and well THERE IS NO FAN SITES! With the upcoming Sequel to the first game it would be a good idea for people to try and put one together so that all fans can add in their own ideas for the Bayonetta Universe as well as their own fan works for it as well. I'm especially happy to note that there would be the obvious possibility of submitting Cosplays, Crafts and Tributes on it as well. It is here that I ask all of you the following...

    • What are your thoughts on this?
    • If there isn't a Fan Site/Fan Wiki already existing would you like to see one be exista…
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  • Prinzvon-licht

    i um

    August 30, 2013 by Prinzvon-licht

    I"ve never seen such a vulgar person in my life. If you can read this then you most likely know who i'm talkign about. 

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  • Mysterious Destiny

    User Sandbox

    August 26, 2013 by Mysterious Destiny

    The Motorcycle Mini-Game is a mini-game played in Chapter VIII of the first Bayonetta.

    • The mini-game plays similar to, and is a reference to, the 1987 Sega arcade game Super Hang-On.
    • The music playing during this sequence is a pop remix of the After Burner theme, which is another Sega arcade game.
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  • Mysterious Destiny

    So I was browsing the Bayonetta tag on Tumblr as always, and I came across a very interesting post from a Chinese gaming website, involving a possible Bayonetta 1 port for WiiU. Here's the link:

    Rough translation from Google Translate:

    Hideki Kamiya, Platinum game designer and director of the original Bayonetta, someone recently asked on Twitter Bayonetta 1 the possibility of re-released Wii U

    In response, Kamiya push the following:

    It is a Sega or ninety-nine percent. RT @ Linkyshink: PG should consider about Wii U Bayonetta 1 skillful eShop release

    Very interesting at this point he said, is entirely different from the publisher, which means that he is in f…

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  • Prinzvon-licht

    Okay so we all obviously know Bayo's gone through a makeover in the game's sequal but why not delve deeper into how she's changed aestheticly. 

    Okay so aside from the entire suit changing lets break it down into sections of the suit. 

    Head: Okay so the most noticable change in her face's appearence is her now really short hair. She no longer wears her hair in a bun style and now has fringe! It's simalar to Jeanne's old hair style but slightly longer. She has new glasses with a design following imagery of Rosemary and new earings featuring a pentagonal rose design. They're triangler in shape. It also seems she's brightened up her eye makeup and wears a slight lighter shade of lipstick/lip gloss. She might have also gotten a slight tan. It mig…

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  • Prinzvon-licht

    What is this

    July 12, 2013 by Prinzvon-licht

    I had no idea we could make blog posts. With this we can have full on discussions and debate about things. 


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  • Mysterious Destiny

    A list of things I need to do for this wiki.

    • Add pictures to the techniques pages that don't have pictures
    • Submit a better quality picture of the Gates of Hell ad in Madworld
    • Add the full navbar to most pages
    • Fix as many typos and grammatical errors as possible
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  • AlexTheDarkslayer

    Damn Bayonetta's got moves better than jagger!!!!!!

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  • Zero%

    demo gameplay

    December 11, 2009 by Zero%

    What did you think of the demo?

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