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Beast Within is a series of transformational techniques that Bayonetta can earn or purchase from The Gates of Hell. It is unlocked after Chapter 5 in the first game and returns as a feature in the sequel. Both Umbra Witches and Lumen Sages possess this ability, as revealed by Balder in Bayonetta 2.

In Game Description (Bayonetta)

"Unleashing the Beast Within allows you to transform into an animal form and unlock mysterious magical powers."

Animal Forms

Introduced in Bayonetta

Panther Within

Animal: Black Panther
How to Obtain:
Bayonetta: Unlocked/earned after Chapter 5.
Bayonetta 2: Automatically obtained at the start of Chapter 1.
Description: Bayonetta transforms into a black panther and is able to run very fast as well as make long jumps/double jumps.
How to activate:
Bayonetta: Double tapping Bx rt or B r2 while on ground.
Bayonetta 2: Double tapping ZR while on ground.
Attack: In Panther Form, Bayonetta will swipe at an enemy with her claws.
Jeanne's Equivalent: Lynx Within
Rosa's Equivalent: Tiger Within
Balder's Equivalent: Wolf Within

Crow Within

Animal: Crow
How to Obtain:
Bayonetta: Unlocked after Chapter 5; must be purchased for 20,000 Halos at The Gates of Hell.
Bayonetta 2: Unlocked after Chapter 1; must be purchased for 20,000 halos at The Gates of Hell.
Description: Bayonetta transforms into a large crow. This form allows you to fly for a short period of time, it can help you make a jump you couldn't previously or give you a few more feet after a jump.
How to activate:
Bayonetta: Double tapping Bx rt or B r2 in mid-air.
Bayonetta 2: Double tapping ZR in mid-air.
Attack: Use feathers as a weapon. Press PunchLargeto summon a group of feathers, press it again to stab enemies. Press KickLarge to summon a ring of feathers, press it again to shoot them around you.
Jeanne's Equivalent: Owl Within
Rosa's Equivalent: Falcon Within
Balder's Equivalent: Eagle Within

Rodin's equivalent: None

Bat Within

Animal: Swarm of Bats
How to Obtain:
Bayonetta: Unlocked after Chapter 5; must be purchased for 20,000 Halos at the Gates of Hell.
Bayonetta 2: Unlocked after Chapter 1; must be purchased for 20,000 halos at The Gates of Hell. 
Description: Bayonetta transforms into a swarm of bats when she dodges at the last second. This escapes the attack, pushes the enemy away and can activate Witch Time. This is purely defensive.
How to activate: Dodge at the instant an attack hits.
Jeanne's Equivalent: Moth Within
Rosa's Equivalent: Hornet Within
Balder's Equivalent: Unknown

Introduced in Bayonetta 2

Snake Within

Animal: Cobra snake
How to Obtain: Obtained automatically in Chapter V.
Description: Bayonetta transforms into a long cobra that allows her to glide through underwater locations whenever this is activated. This form acts as an underwater equivalent to Panther Within.
How to activate: Double-tap ZR underwater.
Jeanne's Equivalent: Centipede Within
Rosa's Equivalent: Cobra Within
Balder's Equivalent: Unknown


Squirrel Form

Loki has an ability similar to the Beast Within in which he turns into a Flying Squirrel. While in this form, Loki can glide and move around quickly, though he mainly uses this form to ride Bayonetta around to keep out of the way.



Bayonetta 2

Gallery Models



  • The Umbra Witches' land forms are felines, while the Lumen Sages' land forms are canines. This further symbolizes the rivalry between the Witches and Sages, since cats and dogs are usually depicted as enemies in fiction, just like Witches and Sages. Also, in fiction, dogs are usually portrayed as good while cats are usually portrayed as evil.
    • Bayonetta, Jeanne and Rosa taking the forms of different species of Felidae is a reference to how cats are seen as familiars to witches and how witches could transform themselves into cats in European folklore. In Medieval Europe, cats (especially black cats) are associated with witchcraft and were seen as the devil.
  • In a brief scene in Bayonetta 2, Bayonetta and Balder talk to one another as they are in their panther and wolf forms. This suggests that a Witch or Sage can still speak even if they are in animal form.
  • Bayonetta's serpentine form is referred to as the "Snake Within" while Rosa's is referred to as the "Cobra Within", even though Bayonetta's serpentine form resembles a cobra and Rosa's resembles a normal snake.
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