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The Auditio, also known as The Cardinal Virtues, are the third-highest angel class fought in the original Bayonetta. As physical manifestations of Divine Will, they are tasked by Father Balder to recover Bayonetta's Left Eye to revive Jubileus, The Creator. The Auditio are the most powerful angels in the game, and are fought by Bayonetta as bosses. Each Audito has control of a certain element.

In Bayonetta 2, the Auditio return despite being destroyed in the first game, implying they exist in a way that differs from usual angels, most likely due to their status as manifestations of virtues rather than individual beings. 3 of them are summoned by the Masked Lumen in combat whilst Iustitia is fought in the past during the Witch Hunts.

Hierarchy of Laguna

Amongst the spiritually powerful of the Middle Ages, it was thought Paradiso held for all a Divine Will, and as a result, they developed heavenly logic. The concept of the "Cardinal Virtues" was born of this logic, and classifies Paradiso's Divine Will into four broad groups.

These Cardinal Virtues occasionally become physical manifestations of the great intentions of Paradiso, and are known as the Laguna, inspiring awe in the masses.



"Personifying courage and fortitude, Fortitudo has been depicted as a terrifying being of sporting an enormous face and two dragon's heads. He is said to be capable of summoning magma flows at will."

- The Hierarchy of Laguna
  • Masked Lumen Summon: ZIRACAH - Taurus

The Cardinal Virtue of Fortitude/Courage and Bringer of Flame, Fortitudo is the first Auditio Bayonetta encounters. He is a two headed dragon with a upside-down human face on his chest. He appears more frequently than most Auditio as he was the one lead the lower Laguna against the Umbra Witches during the Witch Hunts.

After escaping the flooding of the catacombs underneath Vigrid, Bayonetta proceeds to a ruined colosseum where Fortitudo appears and attempts to persuade her to aid the angels. Bayonetta remains unconvinced and engages him in Battle. She defeats him by decapitating his draconic heads and summons the demonic crow Malphas to tear at him with its beak.

Fortitudo returns in Bayonetta 2 as a summoned angel the Masked Lumen, later revealed to be Balder, uses to battle Bayonetta's demon Labolas. His dragon heads also serve as the basis for the Sage's own brand of angelic Wicked Weaves. Foritudo's role in the Witch Hunts is also expanded on where it is explained that he fooled Balder in helping him so that the forces of Paradiso could obtain both of the Eyes for themselves.



"Temperantia, the true embodiment of the Cardinal Virtue of Temperance, is often illustrated as a colossal giant. Its body rising like a castle, Temperantia possesses two tree-like arms; a composed figure said to illustrate the total reverence in which the Laguna are held by the faithful."

- The Hierarchy of Laguna
  • Masked Lumen Summon: HONONOL - Gemini

The Cardinal Virtue of Temperance and Manipulator of Wind, Temperantia is the second Auditio fought in the first game. He is a legless crowned knight with his head on his chest and his arms are attached to his body via rotating golden rings.

Confronting Bayonetta in person at an airbase where he has conjured a colossal tornado, Temperantia explains that he was sent to acquire her as a "sacrifice." Engaging in battle with the witch, she proves to be too strong for him. After summoning Hekatoncheir to pull Temperantia's arms from his body, Bayonetta uses the demon again to pummel his face until he was crippled and maimed. With the help of a leaking gas tanker, Bayonetta dispatches Temperantia to Inferno.

Temperantia returns in Bayonetta 2 as a summoned angel the Masked Lumen uses to battle a fully summoned Madama Butterfly. He is also fought in the past during the Witch Hunts when Bayonetta and Rosa team up together to halt the angels' advance on the Witches' clock tower.



"Within Paradiso's Divine Will, also known as the Cardinal Virtues, Iustitia is known to take a particularly strange physical manifestation. A large mass covered with numerous faces, and extending outwards via countless tentacles, Iustitia could easily pass for a demon"

- The Hierarchy of Laguna

The Cardinal Virtue of Justice and Giver of Life, Iustitia is the third Auditio fought. He appears to be a hideous amalgamation of faces and tentacles fused into a ball, with seven faces in total. The adult faces have massive tongues protruding from their mouths, ending in child faces. Iustitia has six total tentacles, three that merely protrude from his body and the other three mentioned above (acting as tongues) that are connected to the main organs that vaguely resemble hearts.

Iustitia challenges Bayonetta to battle after she escapes Paradiso. Though using his tentacles and affinity to poison to try and hurt her, Bayonetta promptly slices off each tentacles that he sends at her. She summons Scolopendra, the demon wrapping around Iustitia's body before crushing it with its strength. Having been defeated, Iustitia compliments her power and is dragged into Inferno.

Iustitia returns in Bayonetta 2 during the Witch Hunts in the midst of a mid-air battle. Equipped with the Umbran Armor, Bayonetta fights him solo until he traps her in his tentacles. Remembering her trick of overpowering the motorbike on Route 666, Bayonetta overloads the Armor and causes it to explode, making her escape.


"Artists have often depicted the Cardinal Virtue of Prudence, Sapientia, as a marine animal roaming the
depths of the seas. This is likely due to the human disposition to characterize the sea as the source of all life, a veritable fountain of prudence and wisdom."
- The Hierarchy of Laguna.
  • Masked Lumen Summon: OBELISONG - Deliverer

The Cardinal Virtue of Prudence and Controller of Seas, Sapientia is the last Auditio encountered in the first game. Taking form of an armored dragon with porcelain faces on the joints of his legs, he is briefly seen before Bayonetta fights Jeanne on the wing of the Valkyrie jet. In an act of disobedience, Jeanne injures the angel and causes him to destroy part of the plane's wing.

Sapientia is not seen again until after the plane crashes into the ocean, damaged beyond repair. A helicopter flown by Luka rescues Cereza, leaving Bayonetta behind. Moments later, he appears out of the water, challenging her to battle. Use a panel of shrapnel from the airplane as an surfboard to fight, Bayonetta summons Phantasmaraneae and causes Sapientia to fall onto the spider's web where his body is ripped apart by Phantasmaraneae's children. In his last moments, he laughs at Bayonetta, considering her clueless nature about the true nature of the Left Eye she posseses.

Sapientia returns in Bayonetta 2 as a summoned angel the Masked Lumen uses to battle Bayonetta's demon Hydra when the pair fight against one another inside Insidious' body. Taking refuge in the waves of the blood, the angel attempts to use his layers and sharp claws to smash at Bayonetta, but Hydra's blade easily deflect the blasts. Sapientia's attacks ricochet over Insidious' walls and eventually causes the demon to the explode. Sapientia also shows up later during the Witch Hunts where Bayonetta and Rosa use their Umbran Armors to overpower him before throwing his body into a nearby Resplendence.


The Auditio have counterparts in the form of the smaller, less powerful and differently colored Sequi. Unlike the Auditio where it is implied only one exists at a time, multiple Sequi appear to exist at once and appear a few times after Bayonetta has defeated their respective Auditio through the rest of the story.

The true details of the Sequi are unknown as they lack biographies within the Hierarchy of Laguna. 



Courage appears almost exactly the same as Fortitudo, but his armor and jewels are all green coloured. He also appears to be different sizes each time he is fought, with his first appearance seeming much smaller that Fortitudo but his second appearance closer to scale.

Although Courage can breath fire and fly, it is unknown if he shares Fortitudo's more supernatural powers, as he never performs them. He appears before Bayonetta during her journey into Paradiso but, due to his weak state compared to Fortitudo, is easily destroyed. He appears again whilst Bayonetta is on her way to Isla Del Sol and attacks her from a distance. He too is easily destroyed.

When in the room with the Goddess Statue during Chapter XV, taunting or attacking the Statue will cause one of Courage's dragon heads to emerge from the wall and fire at Bayonetta. Though unable to damage Courage, she can be damaged by the attack. Further taunting will continue to make Courage attack until the giant battery is disconnected from the room.



Temperance is Temperantia's related Sequi and has armor with a green theme as opposed to red. He also lacks the hemispheres on his arms and body and his halo is more smaller than his virtue.

Temperance has all the same abilities like his virtue, but with some variations, like firing from all fingers at the same time and a longer range laser attack. His first appearance is directly after the first battle with Courage. Unlike Courage, Temperance stick to Temperantia's tactic of attacking from a distance using lasers and his finger bullets. Though this makes Temperance slightly harder to attack, he is still promptly defeated.

His second appearance acts as the last obstacle between Bayonetta and Isla Del Sol whilst being supported by a never ending supply of Decorations. His final battle occurs just outside the Ithavoll Building where Bayonetta must use the cannons on that particular side of the building to inflict damage.



Justice is Iustitia's Sequi, but only has one side to his body; three tentacles with one main tentacle, one child face, one adult face, and one heart. Justice can use all of the same abilities as Iustitia, with the exception of being able to eat Bayonetta, because of the lack of a pit with which Bayonetta can fall down. He appears on the elevator shaft of the Ithavoll Building where it attempts to use similar tactics as Iustitia's battle. Bayonetta slices off its single tentacle and Justice is easily defeated.



Prudence, like the other Sequi, is colored silver and green, as opposed to the gold of Sapientia. The wings on his back are smaller, he lacks horns on his head, and lacks human faces on his legs. Each of his legs also host only one rocket gun launcher compared to Sapientia's two.

He appears before Bayonetta on the outside of the Ithavol Building shortly after she has defeated Golem for a second time. Using direct claws and lunges with his jaws, he is defeated quickly thanks to the easy chances to activate Witch Time and his lower health. After being defeated, Prudence will fall off the side of the building and be impaled by several sun arch spikes near the ground. His explosion causes a violent chain reaction that Bayonetta must be quick to escape.


  • Being a group composed of four entities that are from the higher ranks of Paradiso's hierarchy and associated with classical elements, the Auditio seem to be based off medieval grimoire descriptions of the archangels.
  • Iustitia's circular body with many faces is similar to religious descriptions of Cherubim, the second-highest order of angels.
  • Fortitudo's design could be seen as a cross between a Cherub (which has the faces of multiple animals), and a Seraphim (who are, in mythology, draconic angels).
  • Sapientia's name comes from the word sapience, which means "to have judgement". The English word "sapient", which means "showing wisdom and judgement", is also derived from the same word. As its title "cardinal virtue of prudence" suggests, it's based on this virtue.
  • Temperantia's name is the Latin language of word "Temperance".
  • Sequi is the Latin language of "following", which means the Sequis are following their Auditio cardinals, including their appearance and role within the Hierarchy.


  • None of the Auditio have personalities that fit their corresponding virtues, displaying personalities that are quite contrary to them. Fortitudo attempts to discourage Bayonetta and tempt her to stop fighting, Temperantia is unable to resist his anger the more damage Bayonetta does to him, Iustitia, while arguably being the only Auditio that has an ideal personality, only desires justice for the angels, instead of an actual fairness for all of humanity, and Sapientia is cruel and rude to both Bayonetta and Jeanne when speaking to them.
  • Though the four virtues of Greek philosophy act as the Auditio's viritues, no boss represents the three Christian virtues (Spe (Hope), Fide (Belief), Caritas (Love)) despite the Bayonetta universe having general concepts of heaven and hell.
    • Although, there IS a Angel called Belief in Bayonetta 2, it is not confirmed whether or not that Angel embodies it AS Christian virtue.
  • Sapientia is the only Auditio who has a slide-show-style cutscene for his demise, whereas the other Auditio have fully animated cutscenes depicting their capture by Inferno.
  • Angels usually lose their halos if defeated, but Fortitudo still keeps his halo even after being holed by Malphas.
  • Most of the Auditio's theme songs titles mention particular concepts after their names (eg. Fortitudo's theme song, In Labors and Dangers), most likely referring to their respective virtues.
  • Due to the appearance of multiple Temperantia in Bloody Fate, it is debated among fans whether the four Audito are not just one or if there are multiple versions of the Angels.
    • It's possible this is the case, Courage and Temperance are attacking Bayonetta in the first game, despite Fortitudo and Temperantia were defeated and dragged to Inferno prior to the fights.


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