Antonio Redgrave

Antonio Redgrave moments before his death.

Antonio Redgrave is a world famous journalist as well as Luka's father. Having become obsessed with a particular case his entire career involving the ancient European clans of the Umbra Witches and the Lumen Sages, Antonio spent a lot of time researching their history and travelling to their home of Vigrid in order to compile his information. He also drew the attention of the Ithavoll Group in his attempts to expose the truth of their activities.


In Bayonetta, Antonio's real features are never seen. He is only physically portrayed in his diving gear having been the one to discover Bayonetta's resting place at the bottom of a lake.

In Bayonetta: Bloody Fate, Antonio's appearance is of a middle-aged man with messy shoulder length hair. He wears a brown hat and sports a jacket similar to Luka's own in the game complete with black gloves. The jacket has a scrap of blue cloth tied around the left sleeve with a knot and he also wears a beige shirt with a pair of dogtags around his neck on a chain. Antonio's appearance greatly compares to Luka's new look in Bayonetta 2.


In the first game, we are unknowingly first introduced to him, as the Narrator, heard in the games opening during the events of the Falling clock tower. We later learn of him by name as the one who discovers Bayonetta during her 500 year slumber whilst exploring the lake she sleep in with Luka nearby. After freeing the witch from her tomb, Antonio's body is suddenly suspended in mid-air, seemingly because of Bayonetta's powers. His body is pulled at the limbs until he is gruesomely killed as Bayonetta disappears into Purgatorio shortly afterwards. Luka, having witnessed the event from the lake side, is convinced that she is responsible and dedicates himself to exposing her to the world.

20 years later, as Bayonetta explores Vigrid trying to restore her memories, she encounters pages of Antonio's Notebook scattered throughout her journey. They can be found throughout the game and consist of his many notes and excerpts on the history of the Umbra Witches, Lumen Sages, Vigrid, the Ithavoll Group, the Trinity Of Realities, as well as a number of mystical and technological findings worthy of note. 

After finally coming face to face with the head of the Ithavoll Group, Balder, Luka learns the truth behind Antonio's death. After his work began to spread rumours about the true nature of Balder's plans for the Group, Balder kept track of Antonio's movements and research until he found Bayonetta's casket. Using the angels at his command, Balder had them kill Antonio and, being unable to see otherworldly beings such as angels, Luka could only assume it was Bayonetta's magic. Instead she had fled to Purgatorio in order to fight the angels. Balder almost has Luka killed in the same manner upon this revelation, though Bayonetta is quick enough to save him.



Bayonetta: Bloody Fate


  • In Devil May Cry, "Tony Redgrave" is an alias used by Dante in his early days of demon slaying. The name can also be seen on Dante's notorious handguns, Ebony and Ivory: "For Tony Redgrave. By .45 Art Warks". When asked about the connection over twitter, Kamiya answered that Antonio Redgrave was a journalist that Dante respected, so he used it as his fake name during his days as a mercenary in Bobby's Cellar.
  • Antonio's voice actor in Bloody Fate is Yasushi Miyabayashi.
  • Director Hideki Kamiya confirmed on his twitter that the narrator for the Records of Time chapter in the first game is Antonio, with his voice being provided by Richard Epcar.


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