Angel Attack!

Angel Attack! is a mini-game that is played after every completed Chapter. In it, Bayonetta, Jeanne or Zero are given a limited amount of bullets and tasked to shoot Angels in a shooting gallery-styled arcade game. The player receives nine bullets every time they play, plus three more for every Arcade Bullet collected during the Chapter.

The game ends when all bullets have been fired, after which the player can trade their points for Items or Halos, with 100 Halos awarded for each point earned. The game can also be ended early, at which 200 Halos will be awarded for each remaining bullet.



Worth 3 points. Flies in a zig-zag pattern.


Worth 5 points. Flies in a circular pattern. Requires two body shots or one headshot to kill.


Worth 10 points. Flies horizontally. Does not appear as frequently as other targets.

Killing two enemies in quick succession awards a Double Kill bonus of 10 points.


Green Herb Lollipop

Cost: 30 Points

Purple Magic Lollipop

Cost: 30 Points

Bloody Rose Lollipop

Cost: 30 Points

Yellow Moon Lollipop

Cost: 30 Points

Blue Witch Heart

Blue Witch Hearts function much like Witch Hearts, but the life bar extension is limited to the next chapter only.

Cost: 40 Points

Gold Moon Pearl

Gold Moon Pearls are similar to Moon Pearls, but much like Blue Witch Hearts, the effects on your Magic Meter are limited to the next chapter only.

Cost: 40 Points

Mega Green Herb Lollipop

Cost: 50 Points

Mega Purple Magic Lollipop

Cost: 50 Points

Mega Bloody Rose Lollipop

Cost: 50 Points

Mega Yellow Moon Lollipop

Cost: 50 Points

Red Hot Shot

Cost: 70 Points

Magic Flute

Cost: 30 Points


  • After Jubileus takes Bayonetta away, Bayonetta does not appear when the mini-game is played.
  • The songs that play before the mini-game begins are all songs from classic 8-bit Sega arcade games. They are: Magical Sound Shower from Outrun, the After Burner theme, and the Space Harrier theme. These songs are also used in certain in-game sequences too.
  • The Platinum Games logo is seen on the bottom part of the screen frame.
  • Angel Attack is also the name of an episode from 'Neon Genesis Evangelion'.