Aesir, The God of Chaos

Aesir as he appears in Bayonetta 2'
Biographical Information
Real Name Aesir
Alias God of Chaos, The Overseer
Gender Male
Born Unknown
Race Supernatural Being[1]
Clan None
Family Loki - Good Personality
Loptr - Evil Personality
Physical Information
Eye Color Blue (Right Eye)/Red (Left Eye)
Hair Color Silver
Magical Abilities
Pact with N/A
Weapon(s) "Nothingness" (formerly), Eyes of the World (formerly), Magic
Animal Forms N/A

Aesir (known as The Overseer and the God of Chaos), is the supernatural being that appears in Bayonetta 2.

Originally, he was the chosen ruler of the human world and watched over the realm from Fimbulventr. Pitying the humans, he granted them free will and even bestoyed his own powers, the Eyes of the World, to the Lumen Sages and Umbra Witches. In doing so however, he split his very soul into two personalities: Loki and Loptr, representing his good and evil side naturally. This also split his powers into the two.[2]

During the events of Bayonetta 2, he is recreated from Loptr when he steals the Soverign Power from Loki and the Eyes of the World from both Balder and Bayonetta. Lacking the good aspect of himself, he serves as the final boss and antagonist in the game.[2]

The Legend of Aesir

"The Legend of Aesir... A legend from the dawn of time.

Nobody knows where the world came from. A struggle caused the Trinity of Realities to be split into three realms: light, darkness, and chaos. Obviously, our world was the one born from chaos. The three worlds all needed rulers. Most of all, ours. And the one that ruled the chaos became known as Aesir. Aesir spent the first eternity quietly looking upon the Earth from his holy mountain. Where we only see reality and make it match our rules of the world, Aesir saw through reality, and those visions became our world. These observations became Aesir's power. Aesir's eyes were truly the eyes that created the world.

However, Aesir pitied the humans for their naivety and lack of free will, so the power he wielded was split into two equal halves and entrusted each to humanity's instincts: the Right Eye of Light, and the Left Eye of Darkness. By dividing the power of the eyes of Aesir, humans gained free will... They could now choose. With control of the Eyes of the World, the eyes that determine destiny, humans could choose their own paths. They awoke to their own identities. Man is but a reed, the most feeble thing in nature, but now we were thinking reeds, and we took our big first step towards grand prosperity.

The inheritors of the eyes of Aesir had been granted the power of creation."

- Luka, telling Bayonetta of Aesir and The Eyes' origin.

Hierarchy of Laguna

Light, darkness, and chaos. When the three world were divided at the dawn of time, Aesir was chosen to rule the World of Chaos. Possessing the power of the "Overseer", he existed in a dimension different from our own, watching over infinite possibilities that layered to form history from a viewpoint surpassing that of time and space. His name, Aesir, is to signify a God in meaning, yet it has no connection to faith, morals, or religious teaching. Aesir is simply a supernatural being that could not be categorized by mankind any other way. If the legends passed down in Noatun contain any truth, it was mankind itself who divided the God of Chaos into his two personalities: Loptr and Loki. Aesir bestowed upon humans free will by giving them the "Eyes of the World". This, however, also gave birth to the ideas of triumph and defeat, truth and falsehood. People awakened to feelings of hate, betrayal, jealous, and humiliation. The power of free will sparked an unstoppable surge throughout humanity that eventually led Aesir himself to wish to reclaim the power he had originally relinquished. For someone who can travel through time and space, to take back the Overseer is to control the fate of the entire world across all time. Yet, humanity's choice have sown the seeds of evil within Aesir. Whatever course of action Aesir may take can only be retribution for humanity's sin...[2]


Aesir is presented physically in a humanoid form. He has intricate glowing gold markings all over his body that appear in a mystical manner (diamond markings on his right half, and circular markings on his left half) along with his glowing blue skin. His hair is stylized into a pyramid shape, and a glowing Chaos marking is visible on his forehead. While using the power of the Eyes, his left eye glows red and his right eye glows blue.

Whilst lacking any formal attire to speak of, Aesir is adorned with golden frames that form various symbols relating to his power. He also wears large, golden cuffs on both his wrists and ankles and sports a large Chaos symbol that hovers near his back as his wings.


Originally, Aesir contained both the qualities of Loki and Loptr, each being his own personalities prior to his split. Aesir was benevolent and once pitied the humanity and gave them free will and entrusted the Lumen Sages and Umbra Witches his own powers so that they could make the world as they see fit. Consequently, it gave awakening to the evils in which the human world is known for such as hate, betrayal, jealous, etc. In doing so, the result not only gave birth to an evil personality within him. From his evil personality, in which represented some of his intents, he came to regret giving them his powers and to a degree wished to reclaim it.[2]

After being recreated when Loptr steals the Soverign Power and the Eyes of the World, Aesir's personality is now that of the former Loptr, devoid of his good personality and qualities.[2]


After the creation of the Trinity of Realities in the dawn of time, Aesir was chosen as the ruler of the World of Chaos, also known as the Human World. Watching over humanity, time, and space across infinite possibilities during his time, he came to later pity humanity for their naivety and lack of free will. He would then grant them free will and bestowed the his Overseer powers to them, in which became known as the Eyes of the World. Because of this however, humanity gave birth to the negative qualities and sins of the world. Not only did this give birth to his own evil, but even split himself into two personalities: Loki and Loptr. Within his evil personality, he came to regret giving away his power and his evil personality sought to reclaim his former power.[2]


Bayonetta 2

Omne Dropkick Aesir - Bayo2

Aesir's body and soul is split by Omne.

Aesir is recreated when his evil personality, Loptr, reclaims the Soverign Power from his good personality, Loki, and the Eyes of the World from Balder and Bayonetta. Reawakened, he battles both the witch and sage. However, Loki intervenes and reveals the true power of Aesir unknown to his former, evil personality: the power to destroy anything including the very powers he held dear or "nothingness". Loki uses the power of "nothingness" to destroy the Eyes of the World, critically weakening the being enough for Balder and Bayonetta to destroy his body by summoning Omne and Jeanne summoning Gomorrah to consume his body.[2]

Balder Bayo 2 6

Balder traps Aesir's soul within him despite the risks.

Although his body gone, his soul survives. In utter disbelief in being defeated, he plotted to go to the spirit realm to be reborn in a different era. As he nearly succeeds, Balder intervenes and begins trapping his soul within his body despite Loki explaining the risks to Balder and much to the being's horror. Trapped within Balder's, they're transported back 500 years in the past during the start of the Witch Hunts, his evil nature responsible for Balder's corruption and moral turn.[2]

Bayonetta 2 - Aesir attempts to escape from Balder's body

Aesir attempts to escape from Balder's body.

Five hundred years later and a month after the defeat of Balder and the foiling of his plot to resurrect the dea, Jubileus, he attempts to escape from Balder's body once more while he is weaken. However, he is stopped when Balder prevents him from doing so and praises his daughter in his final hours from fulfilling her promise to defeat him should Aesir's evil nature corrupt him. Along with Balder, Aesir dies and fades into nothing and perishes.[2]


As a supernatural beings of godlike power, Aesir was among some of the most powerful opponents Bayonetta ever face, taking the combine might of both Bayonetta and her father, Balder, to combat Aesir. Formerly, Aesir held the combined might of Loki and Loptr prior to their split. Although much of his power was retained after Loptr was re-made into Aesir, some of his former power had not return.[2]


Aesir's physical abilities enable him to trade blows with the likes of both Bayonetta and Balder at the same time. Additionally, he could move at high speeds enough to create after images and is a capable hand-to-hand combatant in battle. Although Omne's kick was capable of separating his body and soul, he was strong enough to have survived the experience.[2]


A powerful user of magic, like Loki, Aesir's magical capabilities is different from that of an Umbra Witches or Lumen Sages. Perhaps one of his most powerful capabilities is using a form of Temporal Control to slow down time in a given area. He's also proficient in creating shields to defend his front side, energy blasts more potent then when Aesir was Loptr, create large blue constructed arms in battle, and producing balls of energy in which can be fired at an enemy. As the "Overseer", he was also able to summon various technologies from difference points of history in which includes Valkyrie Military Transports, the "System 16" Stunparon satellite laser, Gjallarhorn surface-to-air missiles, and a O'Neill cylindrical Space Colony.[2]

As a spirit, he was able to shed his form and travel into what was known as the spirit world and subject himself to being reborn in a different era to heal from his injuries.[2]

Remembrances of Time

The Remembrances of Time allowed Aesir to a sort of time manipulation capability, allowing him to "snapshot" a given area or object. This allowed him to later recreate an area/object and restore it to it's past glory from it's changes overtime from the said "snapshot". It could also allow him to see the truth of events that had transpired. Both of his personalities retained this power.[2]

Eyes of the World

Formerly, Aesir had the Eyes of the World. With it's power, he could potentially recreate reality in his own image. He also held what was known as the "Soverign Power", in which allowed him to control the Eyes of the World itself. However, he forefeited this power towards both the Lumen Sages and Umbra Witches, in which select members could unlock the power.[2]

He later reclaimed the power, proving to be a major source of his power. He was later stripped of his power when Loki used the power of "Nothingness" to destroy the Eyes of the World.[2]


Formerly, Aesir also held the power of "Nothingness", able to destroy anything of his desire. Such a power was truly the most feared power under Aesir's abilities, being known as his true power. After bestoing the Eyes of the World to humans, the experience split his power into two of his personalities. Loki was the personality that inherited the power. Despite Loptr later reforming Aesir, he was unable to retain this power.[2]


  • " To be The Overseer of this world, to rule it.... A power only meant for Aesir!"
  • "You need only obey me."
  • "My will shall become that of the universe!"



  • Aesir is referenced in the first Bayonetta, regarding explanations about the nature of the Eyes. Temperantia also exclaims that Bayonetta holds "the pride of an overseer" upon their first meeting.
  • The space colony Aesir summons is actually the same colony model that was used in Platinum's game Vanquish. Alternatively, it also shares the same model with the Shirogane Comet from another Platinum game, The Wonderful 101.
  • Aesir is voiced by TJ Ramini in the English version and Takumi Yamazaki in the Japanese version, the same voice actor as Loptr. Takumi Yamazaki also voiced Durga from Anarchy Reigns Japanese version, another Platinum Games title.
  • The sigil Aesir creates when executing some of his attacks reads (in the Noatun Alphabet); "MAN SEES ONLY HIS REALITY AND MAKES IT HIS WORLD - AESIR SEES ALL REALITIES AND THEY ARE THE WORLD".


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