武甕槌 Takemikazuchi is a large hammer weapon in Bayonetta 2. Much like Lt. Col. Kilgore in the first Bayonetta, it is the strongest and heaviest weapon in the game and has an affinity to thunder. Jeanne's equivalent of the weapon is 野牛 Yagyu.

In-Game Description

"A giant hammer forged from breaking down the thunder god Takemikazuchi's divine sword, the Futsuno-mitama. Though harnessing adequate power as a sword, Rodin decided to rebulid it a as hammer to suit his personal tastes. One Swing will cause the heavens to split and the earth to tremble."

How To Obtain

Takemikazuchi's Gold LP pieces are spread over 2 chapters in the game.

Chapter VIII: 

  1. Verse 5: Appears right after the battle with Allegiance.
  2. Verse 7: After the Verse is over, behind the portal Loki opens that requires you to jump around it.

Chapter IX:

  1. Verse 6: Before approaching the Golem fight, on a lower walkway beneath the platforms. Located on it's own platform.

Unique Traits

Takemikazuchi is slow to swing, but is able to break through the defences of most enemies that Bayonetta comes across in a single strike. This can make it an invaluable weapon against enemies such as the shielded Accolade.

Takemikazuchi can also charge a swing much like Shuraba and deal an attack that is extra strong and imbued with electricity, creating a shockwave that ripples through the ground and stuns opponents. After such an attack, the weapon enters a "charged" state which is noted by an electrical visual effect. This effects last for about 5 seconds after a charge attack and using normal swings in this state causes extra damage.

In both its Wicked Weaves and Umbran Climax, Takemikazuchi summons the mighty limbs of Hekatoncheir to punch, thrust and slam into targeted enemies.


野牛 Yagyu is Jeanne's equivalent to the Takemikazuchi. Yagyu is whiter and lighter in its colors, done so to match Jeanne's taste in style.


In-Game Description: "True to its name, which means 'wild bull', this enormous hammer houses a charm by the raging bull god Gozu. Some time ago, Rodin used this hammer during a fight to save a certain planet in crisis. Despite Rodin's fine work, Bayonetta turned down the weapon, not finding the name to her liking. Rodin felt he had no choice but to join the battle himself and put on a personal display of its power. Rodin has since made it more powerful for Jeanne, traveling to Japan to find and affix a new charm."



  • Takemikazuchi gets its name from the Japanese deity of swords, lightning and the founder of sumo wrestling, who is the one who unified Japan and stood victorious against the Kunitsukami. In the Edo Period after the disastrous 1855 Ansei Earthquake, he appeared in artworks battling the mythical giant catfish who is said to be responsible for earthquakes to rock the land of Japan; in these works, he is popularly depicted with a hammer used to subdue it and calm it down. His name is also a play on the theming of demons empowering weapons in the series, as it can also mean "Brave Awful Possessing (Deity)."
    • The kanji used in the name for the weapon reads "Martial Mortuary Urn Hammer".
  • Yagyu's name comes from the Japanese name for buffalo or bison. The real reason it is named Yagyu, however, is to reference the hammer Rodin used in The Wonderful 101, which had the same name.
    • The raging bull god from which its charm was bestowed to be used in Yagyu, Gozu, is short for one of the Japanese Buddhist demon gatekeepers and wardens of hell, Gozuki, who is said to be a humanoid demon with the head of a bull. He is worshiped as a deity in Kyoto.


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